Summer Workout Program

Here is a Summer Workout Program that you can work on over the holiday period. Now is time to enjoy the outdoors and take up the advantages that summer brings. You have been training hard and heavy all year. Your body might be a bit beat up. Or you might be going a bit stale in the gym.

However you do not want to lose your hard earned gains. You still need to be hitting the weights to maintain your strength and muscle mass. But you do not want to spend hours in the gym. Plus it would be great to have fresh workout program too. In the winter months you should have been focusing on basic movements. For example bench press, squats, rows etc. using as much weight as you can for 6-12 reps. Your training should have been centered around 3-4 training sessions a week, hitting each body part only once a week.

Simple Summer Workout Program

We need to back off the intensity of the winter programs. The way I achieve this is to back off to two workouts a week, say Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

The summer workouts are whole body now and you follow a few simple steps to achieve this goal.

  1. Do a total of 3-5 sets for each exercise per workout and keep reps at 10-15 for each exercise.
  2. Use super sets or giant sets when choosing exercises and do 3-5 of these – a giant set is when the set involves completing multiple exercises one after another without resting until the last exercise is complete.
  3. Keep rest intervals to about 30-60 seconds.
  4. We use the straight set method for all exercises – use the same weight for each set.
  5. All exercises should be done in continuous tension fashion.

Giant Set 5 sets 10-15 reps for all exercises

Shoulder press

im2000 self spotting machine shoulder press

Seated dumbbell curl

Leg extension

Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat

Super Set 5 sets 10-15 reps for all exercises

Lat pull downs to front

Sit Ups

Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat

Giant Set 5 sets 10-15 reps for all exercises

Flat dumbbell bench press

Triceps push down

Lying leg curl

ironmaster super bench lying leg curl

Rest 30-60 seconds and repeat

There is your summer workout plan complete. This should give you a good idea on how to set up your workout.

All the exercises transition easily from one to the other. The idea is to set up each super set or giant set first and then once completed set up the next and go for it again but this time targeting different body parts.

Instead of going up in weight try cutting back your rest time between sets. Start at 1 min rest and then go to 45 seconds and then to 30 seconds. You will be surprised at how hard this gets.

Cardio Strictly Outdoors

These summer style workout programs should really get your heart rate pumping so you won’t need to be staying indoors wasting the summer months on a treadmill. Get outdoors and go for a walk, run, swim, ride or whatever turns you on (sitting in a beer garden slugging down pints is not included!). These are all far more enjoyable ways to keep in shape and will keep you more motivated for the hard and intense training that lies ahead.

Good luck!