Powertec Multi System Exercises

Let me know what Powertec Multi System Exercises that I need to do. A question that I often get. So this is for my old mate Jayse “Big Fella” who just recently purchased a Powertec Multi System.  He wants to know what is the best way to tackle his new home gym.

wb-ms16 powertec multi system bench press

Well I have been asked this question so many times. My philosophy on weight training, like a lot of things in life, is to keep it simple. Instead of complicating things, just get the basics right and work hard at them.

From my years of experience with seeing customer’s progress, if you complicate things it just makes it harder to follow. I have witnessed firsthand some great results from these simple programs.

Basic Weight Training Program

The best way to kick things off is with my old favourite the Basic Weight Training Program. People sometimes scoff at this because it is so far removed from the isolation programs we all tried from the bodybuilding magazines.  But you will be surprised at what can be achieved by training the whole body at once.

When you do compound movements like bench press, squats, lat pulldowns and shoulder press in the one workout, you will find it far more taxing than doing a whole heap of isolation exercises. Plus the target muscles will be a lot fresher for each exercise so you can really push yourself hard. It is this effort that stimulates strength and muscle growth.

Another advantage of following this simple program is that you will get to know the key movements on the Multi System. It is these exercises that you will be building your workouts around as you progress.

Intermediate Split Program

Once you have completed the Basic Weight Training Program, there are many ways you can head. If you want to build muscle, your best bet is to progress to an upper/lower body split. If you want to lose weight and improve your endurance, then look at some high rep/circuit type training. For strength, look at working the basic compound movements at lower reps. I will cover the circuit and strength training later.

But for the “Big Fella” it is all about the muscle, so this is what I would recommend.

Powertec Multi System Exercises

Upper Body Exercises

Incline Bench Press

Lat Pulldown –

Shoulder Press

Lever Arm Row

Tricep Press

Bicep Curl

Lower Body Exercises


Step Back Lunge

Leg Extension

Lying Leg Curl – demonstrated on the Powertec LeverGym but still applicable to Multi System.

Standing Calf Raise

For sets and reps per exercise, I don’t like to set it stone. Some days you might feel like training heavier so you will lower the reps. Other days, you might want to open up the reps. For arms and calves I always operate in the higher rep range.

If you look at how Lee trains, he does a few warm up sets and then progressively adds weight. He doesn’t even count reps. Most importantly he never sacrifices form. He just grinds away until the target muscle is cactus.

But if you want to keep it simple, just do a couple of warm up sets per exercise, and then do 3 sets of 12 reps. For arms do 3 sets of 15, and calves 3 sets of 20.

You can do 2 or 3 workouts a week. For 2 workouts, just do upper body one day and lower body the other day.

If you are doing 3 workouts, just alternate between the two over a fortnight. Week one will be:

Monday: Upper Body

Wednesday: Lower Body

Friday: Upper Body.

Week two you switch it around.

Monday: Lower Body

Wednesday: Upper Body

Friday: Lower Body.