ATX® Angular Multi Grip Bar – 50 mm

Introducing the ATX® Angular Multi Grip Bar: Elevate Your Upper Body Workouts While Maximizing Comfort and Safety

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ATX® Angular Multi Grip Bar – 50 mm

Upgrade your strength training routine with the ATX® Angular Multi Grip Bar, expertly designed to focus on your chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps while minimizing shoulder strain. Crafted by German engineers to offer unmatched rigidity and durability, this versatile Swiss bar is perfect for those looking to diversify their upper body exercises, correct muscle imbalances, or simply ease shoulder discomfort.

User-Friendly Features

  1. Versatile Grip Options: With four unique grip positions ranging from 170mm to 760mm, this bar enables you to find the perfect hold for each exercise, ensuring a more effective and comfortable workout.
  2. Optimized Grip Comfort: The 28.5mm thick grips come with medium knurling to provide excellent grip security without causing any discomfort.
  3. Rackable: Designed to be rack mountable with a distance of 1300mm between the sleeves, you can conveniently use this barbell in your home gym rack or commercial power cage.

Unparalleled Durability

  1. Robust Construction: All load-bearing components are either continuously welded or bolted for unrivaled structural integrity. Additional steel reinforcement brackets fortify the thick-walled tube frame, making it virtually indestructible.
  2. High Load Capacity: With a safe working load of up to 250 kgs, this bar accommodates the needs of even the most serious lifters.
  3. 3-Year Warranty: Your investment is secured with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, underlining the bar’s premium quality and durability.

Improved Design

  1. Extended Sleeve Length: The 335 mm long sleeves allow ample room to stack powerlifting or bumper weight plates, letting you customize your workout further.
  2. Quality Coating: The Olympic sleeves are treated with a durable, bright chrome coating, eliminating the issue of flaking powder coat and ensuring longevity.
  3. Compact Yet Capable: Measuring 200 cm in length, it’s slightly shorter than a standard 7-foot Olympic barbell, making it ideal for workout spaces with limited room.

Other improvements

  1. Optimized Shipping: The flat-packed design not only significantly reduces shipping costs but also ensures that there is no metal to metal contact, courtesy of the improved packaging.
  2. Custom ATX End Caps: To top it off, custom ATX end caps elegantly cover all exposed holes, adding a finishing touch to this high-performance barbell.

Elevate your training regime with the ATX® Angular Multi Grip Bar—where innovation meets impeccable craftsmanship.

Product Specifications

Weight 16 kg
Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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