ATX® Cable Crossover Weight Stack 90 kg


Want a machine that does loads of exercises that will take up next to no space? The ATX Cable Crossover can slip into a corner of your gym with ease.


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The ATX® Cable Crossover is designed specifically with home gyms in mind; it gives you the full range of motion without having to sacrifice precious floor space.

Please note: Cable handles are not included.

ATX® Cable Crossover Weight Stack 90 kg Key Features

Quality German Engineering

Focus is important when you’re training, worrying about the machine tipping over is the last thing you need on your mind. ATX® were conscious of this, so they extended the base to give you peace of mind. Provided you use it as intended, there’s no risk of this bad boy toppling.

Corner/Freestanding station – The ATX® Cable Crossover can be placed anywhere in a room without compromising its stability. But if you wanted the best space saving results, it works wonders as a corner station.

Footprint – Width – 272cm, Depth – 79cm, Height – 219 cm – Compact enough to fit in most standard rooms.

Weight Stack – The 90kg weight stack can be adjusted in 5kg increments, giving you plenty of weight for all of your favorite accessory exercises.

Both pulleys – When using both pulleys the weight ratio is 1:1; you will lift the weight it says on the stack!

Single Pulley – The stack is shared by both pulleys, so when you use a single pulley it has to do twice the work. Giving you a 2:1 weight ratio.

Weight Load Capacity – The ATX® Cable Crossover has been rated for 130kg. As with all ATX® equipment, this is the safe working load and not the breaking point.

Adaptable – To find the perfect height for your exercises you can use any of the machines 18 adjustment positions, each spaced 10cm apart.

Laser Engraved Scaling – The design team at ATX® aren’t fond of estimates; they like precision. To provide the most pain free training experience they laser engraved the numbers on the adjustment uprights. Gone are the days of having to triple check the height on each upright.

Hard Chrome Coating – The hard chrome coating provides a durable and slick surface for the carriage to glide on, which is just one of many features which make this machine so smooth.

Special Nylon Bushings – The weight stack features UMHW nylon bushings which provide excellent friction resistance, allowing the stack to effortlessly glide up the shaft.

Dual Bearing Pulleys – Why have one bearing when you can have two? ATX® uses dual bearing pulleys to evenly distribute force during training, which extends their longevity and provides you with silky smooth movement.

Stretch Free Cable – This cable crossover utilises a special stretch free cable, which extends the lifespan of the cable on machines where it will be under constant tensions.

What’s Included? ATX Cable Crossover Weight Stack 90 kg (ATX-CCO-SW), 2 x extension chains, 4 x carabiners.

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 203 kg






Weight Load Capacity



EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


5 years see T&Cs


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