ATX® Cambered Swiss Bar 50mm


Elevate your workout with the ATX® Cambered Swiss Bar! Offering 4 grip widths, it’s perfect for enhancing chest and back workouts. Durable, versatile, up to 250 kg load.


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ATX® Cambered Swiss Bar – 50 mm: A Versatile Multi-Grip Bar for Enhanced Strength Training

Elevate your strength training with the ATX® Cambered Swiss Bar, expertly crafted for the dedicated athlete. This premium multi-grip bar offers unparalleled versatility and effectiveness for your chest, back, triceps, and shoulder workouts.

Key Features:

Multiple Grip Options: With 4 different grip widths ranging from 160mm to 760mm, this bar accommodates various exercises and grip preferences.
Optimized Design for Maximum Efficiency: The cambered structure of the bar allows for a deeper range of motion, especially beneficial in exercises like bench presses and rows. This design helps in achieving a full pec stretch and peak muscle contraction, enhancing the effectiveness of your workouts.
High-Quality Construction: Made from thick-walled oval section steel tube, this bar is built to withstand rigorous use and maintain its integrity over time.

Enhanced Grip: The handles, with a diameter of 28.5 mm, feature a knurled texture to ensure a firm and secure grip during your workouts.
Generous Weight Capacity: Capable of handling up to 250 kg, this bar is suitable for athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
Compatibility with Racks and Stands: Designed to fit racks and weight stands with a width of 115 cm to 124 cm, making it a versatile addition to your gym setup.
Durable and Stylish Finish: The bar sports a sleek black, powder-coated finish, not only adding to its durability but also enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
Convenient Weight Plate Holder: Features a 50 mm x 335 mm weight plate holder, accommodating a wide range of weight plates.

Product Specifications:

Total Length: 200 cm
Suitable for Rack Width: 115 cm to 124 cm
Weight Load Capacity: Up to 250 kg
Handle Diameter: 28.5 mm
Weight Plate Holder: 50 mm x 335 mm
Color: Black, Powder Coated

reinforced construction

10 mm Thick Supporting Plate

rounded screws

Rounded Screws to prevent Hand Injury

thick walled steel

Made from Thick-Walled Steel

knurled grips

Knurled Grips

Ideal for Serious Strength Athletes: The ATX® Cambered Swiss Bar is the perfect choice for those looking to push their limits and add variety to their strength training routine. Whether you’re targeting your chest, back, triceps, or shoulders, this bar will help you achieve your fitness goals with its superior design and functionality. Add it to your gym arsenal today and experience the difference!

Product Specifications

Weight 18 kg


Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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