ATX® GHD Machine PRO


One of the most advanced GHD machines on the market. The padding and adjustment system make it easy and comfortable to use. The build quality is second to none.


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The ATX® GHD Machine PRO is a premium GHD for high performance training facilities and commercial gyms. Glute ham work is critical for athletes. However it should not be overlooked by anyone who wants to improve their strength.

  1. Increased Footprint – At 108x180cm, there’s no risk of this beast toppling over.
  2. Heavy Duty Construction – Manufactured from thick steel, this beast weighs in at 98kg. Providing it with a monster 500kg safe working load rating.
  3. Beginner/Rehab Friendly – With added knee pads and wide step up bracket, you don’t require much lower back strength to get started on this machine.
  4. Unique Adjustment System – Lever adjustment system with laser engraved numbering makes adjusting the GHD a walk in the park.

Build Quality

The GHD Machine Pro is called a pro for several reasons; one of those is the unbelievable structural integrity of this behemoth.

Thick steel tubes to make up the foundation of the ATX® GHD Machine PRO. But thick steel tubes are rarely the weakest points in any piece of gym equipment.

Industrial-grade high-tensile strength hardware holds everything together. The main upright alone is held together by a total of eight bolts!

The angled front feet are one of the more unique features of the construction. Welded together by precision robot welders, with an additional two support brackets in each corner to further increase the stability.

The soft parts

The rear roller pads have been upgraded from your regular soft foam rollers to hard foam ones. This not only provides you with a more comfortable training experience, but also significantly extends its lifespan.

The bottom rollers have been angled to allow a conical fit, making it even more comfortable to use.

ATX incorporated a special split pad design, angling the rear of the pad to give your thighs a larger support area. This distributes the pressure over a greater area, allowing you to train heavier with more comfort.

The front of the pad has a far steeper drop, implemented so the user could perform exercises such as hyperextensions and reverse hyperextensions with utmost comfort.

A GHD Machine for Beginners

The fold-out knee pad was added specifically for those who do not possess the lower back strength to complete the exercise with correct form. This feature makes the ATX® GHD Machine Pro an extremely useful unit for gyms that specialize in both rehab, and training kids or elderly clients.

Getting on to a GHD is a struggle for everyone, but it turns out there’s a simple solution! The extra-wide step up bracket makes mounting and dismounting off the machine a breeze.

The Adjustment System

The new lever adjustment system is probably the most unique feature of any GHD on the market. By simply gripping the lever and pulling the handlebar backwards or forwards, you can effortlessly adjust the depth of the machine.

The numbered hole positions will make the use of the machine far easier, especially in a commercial setting where multiple people might be using the machine at the same time.

The roller adjustment system features an oversized pin that can be screwed in to eliminate any wobbling.

The height adjustment system features a laser engraved numbering with a cut-out hole at the top so you can quickly adjust the machine to suit your needs.

Additional Features

  1. Front grips – The integrated front handles are used to assist you in dismounting the ATX® GHD Machine PRO.
  2. Rear grip – This handlebar not only allows you to adjust the depth far easier, but also works as a support grip during reverse hyperextensions, or even a place to attach your resistance bands.
  3. Resistance Band Pegs – The integrated resistance band pegs give you yet another way to increase the resistance during your training.
  4. Integrated Wheels – This unit isn’t the smallest or lightest on the market, but the set of wheels allows you to move the machine in and out of your training area with ease.

What’s Included? ATX® Glute Ham Developer PRO (ATX-GHD-820)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 146 kg





EN 20957 I.II.IV – S

Weight Capacity



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