ATX® Grip Shirt


Whether you are into Powerlifting, Strongman, or Hardcore Machine training a little bit of rubber can be a total gamechanger!

✓ Special Silicone Coating ✓ Improve Grip and Safety During Training ✓ Manufactured out of 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra ✓ Available in 4 Different Sizes

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The ATX® Bar Grip shirts are the newest fad in the strength training world. They have been manufactured using the highest quality materials ranging from the special high-adhering silicone coating to 95% Cotton and 5% Lycra base shirt and provide a bunch of great features:

  1. The Special Silicone Coating helps the athlete to have a better control of both the barbell and overall tightness in their body during the lift.
  2. Tight End at the waist prevents the shirt from getting stuck on the barbell or stones.
  3. Available in four different sizes: M-XXL.
  4. Silicone Coating at the front and the back of the shirt.
  5. Sold individually.

Recommended uses:

The ATX® Grip Shirt will provide support in any exercise where the athlete’s upper body is in touch with a barbell or a weight machine. Here is a list of exercises where it shines the brightest:

Bench Press – ever wondered why powerlifters would chalk up their upper back during bench press? Weight training can get quite sweaty and slippery, especially in the Australian climate. The ATX® Grip Shirt provides the much-needed support for your upper back, this helps the athlete to maintain the Arch and overall tightness in their body.

Squats – the silicone coating will help you to keep the barbell in the same spot.

Kettlebell Training – as your muscles fatigue it becomes more difficult for you to stabilize the kettlebell. The ATX® Bar Grip shirt will provide you with additional stability, giving you a more stable ground to push the kettlebell off your shoulder.

Strongman Training – Strongman exercises are definitely not the most conventional ones, but they do provide great benefits for your training. If you have ever tried pressing the Strongman Log or throwing a few Atlas Stones around, you already know that the most difficult part of the movement is bringing the bar/stone up. The whole front of the ATX® High Grip shirt has been coated with the high-adhering silicone coating allowing you to get the Strongman Log Bar up into the starting position as well as helping you to get the Atlas stones over the yoke.

Hardcore Leg Presses – leg press PR’s might not be considered as a valid measurement of one’s strength right now, but it is only a matter of time until it will become one. The ATX® Grip shirt more or less eliminates the need of anchoring yourself to the leg press using a weight lifting belt. The additional grip will prevent you from sliding up the backrest pad allowing you to chuck a couple of extra weight plates on the machine.


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