ATX® Special Deadlift Bar 230cm

Finally a dedicated “whippy” deadlift bar from ATX®!

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Detailed Product Description

ATX® Special Deadlift Bar 230cm

ATX® have been planning on entering the professional Powerlifting and Strongman scene for quite some time. While they did release a fair few IPF approved pieces, they did not forget about other federation needs.

At 230 cm and a base weight of 20 kgs, this deadlift bar is 10 cm longer compared to your standard Powerlifting barbells. It features an extra wide inner dimension of 142 cm and a 27 mm grip. This combination gives the barbell “whip” or elasticity allowing the lifter to pull slightly more weight.

ATX® Special Deadlift Bar 230cm is manufactured out of highest quality materials, which helps it to achieve an extremely high DYNAMIC LOAD capacity of up to 600 kgs!

  1. Extra Long version – 230 cm with wide distance between sleeves.
  2. Thin grip diameter of 27 mm helps this bar to bend under load.
  3. Natural Raw Steel feel thanks to the Black Oxide coating.
  4. High dynamic weight load capacity of 600 kgs.
  5. Self lubricating Bronze Bushings for smooth sleeve rotation.
  6. Sleeves have been coated in abrasion resistant Hard Chrome.

The ATX ® barbells are tested in ATX® in-house test center for continuous and maximum loads and undergo the following material tests in an independent German test laboratory:

  1. Tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1
  2. Notch impact according to DIN ISO 6892
  3. Hardness Rockwell according to DIN EN ISO 6508-1
  4. Metallographic examination – qualitative determination of the metal structure

Product Specifications

Weight 21 kg
Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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