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The ATX® Multiplex Gym, a top-tier workout station, provides a versatile, professional-grade fitness experience. Its 5-in-1 design includes a Multipress station, lat pull-down, squat-calf machine, multi-functional upright, and a multi-bench. Designed for optimal biomechanics and heavy-duty use, it can simultaneously accommodate up to four users. Experience a 100% gym feeling with studio-certified quality, right in the comfort of your home or professional setup.


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  1. Lat Machine comes with 100 kgs stack (1:1 ratio) and can be loaded up to 180 kgs with the help of resistance bands.
  2. Lever Arm Multi-Station Weight Load Capacity – 250 kgs (2 x 125kgs).
  3. Squat Calf/Viking Press Weight Load Capacity – 180 kgs.
  4. Bench Weight Load Capacity – 400 kgs.
  5. Overall weight of the unit – approx. 330 kgs.
  6. Footprint – Width – 216cm – 320 cm (with/without bench), Depth – 210 cm, Height – 220 cm.
  7. Certified for Commercial Use – EN 20957 I.II.IV – S (studio).
  8. Designed and Engineered in Germany.

ATX® Multiplex Multi Gym

The ATX® Multiplex Gym is a professional-grade, 5-in-1 multi-station, bringing the gym to your home with unparalleled convenience.

Featuring a multi-press, lat pulldown station, squat-calf machine, multi-bench, and a multi-functional upright, this fitness powerhouse ensures a versatile and efficient workout.

Expandable options add an array of exercise possibilities, making your routines dynamic and engaging.

Constructed to certified studio quality, it can accommodate up to four users simultaneously. With user experience at its core, every feature is designed for optimal biomechanics, comfort, and stability.

Unleash your fitness potential with ATX® Multiplex Gym.

Here’s a closer look at the individual components:

Lever-Arm Multipress Station

Designed to achieve even muscle and strength development, the Lever-Arm Multipress Station has alternating lever arms that features two different grip variants.

The lever arms are operating on four ball bearings to ensure the smoothest training experience possible. With a maximum grip width of 98 cm and 12 fine grid adjustment options, you can fine-tune your desired exercise position.

It even includes a hook for attaching resistance bands, which allows for a more intensive and varied workout.

It’s excellent for performing fundamental exercises such as flat bench press, incline bench press, shoulder press, decline bench press, and shrugs, and can handle up to 250 kg (2 x 125 kg) of weight.

Multi-Bench RAS (Roller Assisted System)

The Multi-Bench is not only safe and super stable, but it also provides optimal ergonomics and ease of handling. The backrest is adjustable in 15 positions, from -10° (negative) to 82°, while the seat is adjustable in 3 positions, ensuring the perfect training position for you.

Thanks to the Roller Adjustment System, the bench is always automatically in the correct position for the Lever Arms after adjusting the backrest pad, which means no more time wasted repositioning the bench.

It can handle loads up to 400 kg and includes transport rollers and a swivel handle for quick and easy positioning.

The ATX® Multi-Bench also accepts optional attachments such as: Leg Extension/Leg Curl, Preacher Curl, Triceps Dip and Pec Fly attachment.

Lat Pulldown Station

The Lat Pulldown Station guarantees a seamless weight adjustment experience thanks to precision plug-in weights. With a 1:1 weight ratio, it gives you a pure weight lifting experience, free from any mechanical advantage.

The station includes upper and lower pulleys for varied exercise options, chrome-plated precision guiderails, ball-bearing pulleys, and highly flexible steel cables to ensure a smooth and jerk-free workout.

It also has a generous 100 kg weight stack for your heavy strength training. The pivoting seat and comfortable leg padding ensure unrestricted access to the lower pulley.

Lever Arm – Squat Calf Machine

Boasting redefined design and functionality, the Lever Arm – Squat Calve Machine is the perfect addition to the ATX Multiplex.

It features a continuous pad design that minimizes shoulder strain during squats, and a Viking Press for efficient shoulder training.

The larger footplate caters to taller users and adds variation to workouts, while additional safety stoppers ensure security when training to your limits.

The redesigned stop/engage mechanism enhances user convenience, and resistance band pegs provide flexibility for strength training.

Multi-Functional Upright

The multi-functional upright is a game-changer for personalized fitness, serving as the backbone that transforms the ATX® Multiplex Gym into a customizable workout oasis.

Designed to accommodate a variety of optional accessories, this feature lets you tailor your exercise regimen to meet your specific needs and fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to intensify your leg workouts, focus on your upper body, or even diversify your exercise routine, the multi-functional upright enables seamless integration of add-ons.

From Mobility Rollers and Belt Squat Options to resistance band pegs and weight storage horns, the upright allows for effortless scalability and variety in your workouts, making the ATX® Multiplex Gym a truly adaptable fitness solution.

Product Specifications

Weight 432 kg






Press Load Capacity


Lat Pull Capacity


Squat Load Capacity



EN 20957 I.II.IV – S

Gym Warranty

5 Years T & Cs


Plate Loaded


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