ATX® Pin Loaded Lat Pulldown


The future is here! The ATX® 750 Lat Pulldown is the successor to the ATX® 740 Lat Machine, and boasts numerous design improvements to make it the ultimate lat pulldown machine. It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking to make the most of your back training.


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Weight Stack Addons

Optional Addon Weights for Fine Adjustments

reinforcement brackets

5mm Thick Steel Reinforcement Brackets

compact footprint

1:1 Ratio – No Mechanical Advantage

solid steel guiderails

20mm Thick Solid Steel Guiderails

precision pulleys

High-Quality Cable and Rollers

Attachment Storage

Integrated Attachment Holder

Adjustable knee support pad

Adjustable Knee Support Pad

Polyurethane roller

Hygiene Friendly PU Rollers

low pulley

Low Pulley does not require conversion

large footplate

60 cm Wide Footplate with Footrests

The ATX® Pin Loaded Lat Machine is the biggest and baddest lat pulldown machine to hit the Australian market. The updated model was designed and engineered in Germany for the European commercial gym market.

  1. The most important feature of gym equipment is it’s strength, if you’re going to be pushing heavy weights you’re going to want to feel safe. The 70 x 70 x 3mm solid steel frame makes it more durable than a tank, meaning you can put your focus on your workout and stop worrying about your equipment failing.
  2. It’s rare to find a free standing machine that doesn’t take up an entire room but still offers enough stability to use the whole stack safely. ATX® have done it all with this machine – it’s compact and space saving while remaining unbelievably strong.
  3. The high pulley is perfect for lat pulldowns, tricep extensions and even ab crunches. The low pulley lets you perform the ultimate upper body exercise – bicep curls. And the large footrests make seated cable rows a dream. Let’s just say you’ll never be stuck for exercises.
  4. Taller users are hard pressed to find a lat machine that gives them enough space for full range of motion. But with 155cm between the seat and bar, this lat machine allows for even the tallest users to achieve full range of motion.

Sickness for the stiffness

The top pulley housing has been completely redesigned. It is now manufactured out of 5 mm thick laser-cut steel sheets and is held together by a plethora of M12 bolts, so you can expect unyielding stability. Not doing any pulling? You can slot your bar into the V-cut located at the top of the machine.

The old design featured 25 mm thick tube guiderails, which have been changed into 20 mm solid steel guiderails on the new model. ATX® have also gotten rid of the bolts in the guiderails and instead opted for Allen-screw bushings which make the assembly process just a tad easier.

The main upright is manufactured out of 70 mm x 70 mm x 3 mm thick steel and is being held together by 2 x 5 mm thick solid steel sheets – which as you’ve guessed it have been laser cut. There are a total of 7 x M12 bolts holding the main upright together, so you will never have to worry about it losing its stiffness.

The high and low pulley does not suffer from the mechanical advantage as it still features the same old 1:1 Ratio. Meaning the loaded weight will not be dimished due to excess pulleys. The ATX-LSW-750 cable machine comes with 115 kg weight stack which goes up in 5 kg increments.

Added inches to the right places

The seat height has been raised by a couple of inches compared to the older model (38 cm vs 43 cm), which is closer to the height of your regular bench. It may not seem like much, but you would be surprised how much difference a couple of inches can make.

Just because the German Engineers were craving for the extra does not mean that the tall people will not be able to get the full stretch. The ATX® Lat Pulldown Weight Stack features High-Stretch of 155 cm between the top pulley and the seat.

Stay comfortable while doing it seated

Training can get quite hard and intense so any added bit of comfort can go a long way. That’s why you will find angled, padded & adjustable knee rests which will help you lock yourself in during seated pulling exercises.

Seated rows also have a bit of additional comfort as on the updated ATX-LSW-750 round tubes have been switched out for thick rubber footrests.

Thanks to the new continuous footplate there is nothing stopping you from getting down on your knees for some one arm lat pulldowns.

The 60 cm wide anti-slip footplate not only gives you a more secure base to train on, but also improves the overall stability of the machine. More importantly it reduces the footprint to just 112.5 cm (excluding the footprint) allowing you to squeeze it in the tightest places.

The Weight Stack

  1. The 115kg weight stack is made up of 23 x 5kg plates, which provides more than enough weight for the exercises you’ll be doing with it. The weight stack features both kg and lb markings, which are handily colour coded so you can find your usual weight easier.
  2. You may think you have been pulling super heavy weights on other lat pulldown machines. But if you’re worried about maxing out the weight stack then you’ve got the wrong idea. The 1:1 weight ratio means you lift exactly the weight you load up. While you may have done 115kg lat pulldowns on other machines, I can almost guarantee you’re not going to do it on this machine.
  3. The heavy duty double bearing pulleys are usually only seen in industrial applications and not gym equipment, but ATX® were looking to build a machine which will last through years of abuse. They allow for a smooth movement no matter how much weight is loaded and are fully prepared to cop abuse in a commercial environment.

What’s Included? ATX® Pin Loaded Lat Pulldown (ATX-LSW-750), 2 x Carabiners, Extension Chain.

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Gym Cable Attachments

Product Specifications

Weight 215 kg

207 kg

Weight Capacity

160 kg


220 cm


EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


75×150 cm


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