ATX® Power Rack 520 215cm


A Power Rack with a certified 500kg rating, sporting features that appear on commercial cages for an entry level price. Almost sounds too good to be true. The ATX 520 Power Rack delivers this all for the budget conscious home trainer. ✓ 500 kgs Load Rating ✓ Reinforced Uprights ✓ Comes with J-Hooks, Spotters and Chin-Up ✓ Certified for Domestic Use ✓ Expandable


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ATX®Power Rack 520 215cm

Why would you train in an overcrowded gym when you can get your hands on this little gem? The ATX PRX 520 represents years of refinement and development. After building quality cages and having them tested in gyms around the world, ATX have been able to deliver an extremely sturdy rack at an unbeatable price.

With advances in design and manufacturing equipment, ATX can produce cages that are just as sturdy as older and heavier designs for a much lower price.

  1. Designed and Engineered in Germany by the worlds leading gym equipment manufacturer ‐ ATX.
  2. Rated for 500kg!
  3. Certified for Domestic Use ‐ EN 20957 I.II.IV ‐ H.
  4. 5-Year Manufacturers Warranty.
  5. Exceptionally compact footprint ‐ 119 cm x 117 cm x 215 cm.
  6. It comes with J-Hooks, Spotter Bars and Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar.

Compact Design

Knowing that space is the number one limiting factor for home gym owners, German Engineers did an amazing job shrinking down the footprint of this rack.

The PRX-520 is only 119 cm wide, 117 cm deep and 215 cm high. You are getting a full cage with nearly the same footprint as an average domestic half rack. If you are tight on space, saving centimetres allows you to squeeze a rack in places you’ve probably never considered.

Despite the compact footprint, the work area inside the rack is 108 cm x 60 cm. People unfamiliar with compact cages may think that this is not enough space. After years of training in them, let me assure you there is plenty of space.

Reinforced Construction

ATX chose 50 mm x 50 mm x 2 mm uprights for their entry-level power cage. The uprights have 34 adjustment holes spaced 5cm apart ‐ this sort of spacing for J-Hooks and Spotters used to be exclusively for higher-end racks.

The most important component which separates this rack from the competition in the budget power rack market is the support brackets. They are mounted at the top and bottom of every single upright of the ATX PRX-520 and are secured with the same industrial M12 Hardware German Engineers use in the Commercial Power Cage line.

Previously these sorts of additions were costly to manufacture. The ATX factory now boasts the latest in manufacturing equipment and are able to churn these items out at a fraction of the price.

Battle Tested

If you have been shopping for a power rack for your home gym your head is probably spinning with the amount of choice. What makes it harder is that they are making similar claims: rated for some ridiculous weight, commercial quality, designed by NASA etc etc. How do you know if these claims are legit? After all some of these brands I have never heard of!

This is the ATX advantage. You do not have to listen to a word we say. Instead you can see with your own eyes the ATX range in action. Below are three ATX-PRX-520 seeing action in a gym in Finland. From the weightlifting platforms to the ATX premium plates you can ascertain that this is a fair dinkum gym. 

Now unlike our competitors, I would not normally recommend putting these racks into a commercial gym. For a bit extra you can get a commercial ATX power rack. The additional cost spread over the life of the rack is marginal. We are just using the example below as an illustration that these racks can handle life in a weightlifting gym.


The ATX 520 Power Rack comes standard with all the basics to get you training ‐ J-Hooks, Spotter Bars and Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar.

The J-Hooks utilise the same design that we have seen for years on their high racks and rigs ‐ and are better than ones you will see on cages that are four times the price.

The Spotter Bars are made out of a solid 20 mm thick round steel bar and come with 38 x 3 mm thick steel tube casing to protect the Barbell.

The Multi-Grip Chin-Up Bar features six 27mm knurled grips for even more variety!

ATX now sports one of the largest range of QUALITY Power Racks. As such you have access to add ons and accessories (sold separately) that you would normally only have available for much more expensive racks.

Product Specifications

Weight 70.2 kg
Rack Series









Base Rack, J-Hooks, Spotter Bars, Multi-Grip Chinup Bar



Safe Working Load





5 Years – T & Cs


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