ATX® Power Rack 840 SET 200


A big rack for big units. This rack can handle 2,000kgs with ease. Comes with a set of J-Hooks and Premium Safety Spotting Straps!


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This Power Cage comes with a set of J-Hooks and Safety Straps.

ATX®Power Rack 840

Oddly enough, people prefer to train outside of the power cage, as they find it a bit too claustrophobic to perform certain exercises inside of the rack. Needless to say, this completely defeats the purpose of owning a power cage.

German engineers are constantly thinking about how to improve their equipment and listening to their customer’s feedback. They realized, that some people are just too swole to train inside of traditional cages, whiles others want to be spotted from both sides while they are doing good mornings.

The result of this is the ATX-PRX-840 which not only has an extra-large inner cage, but also comes with a lot of great features:

  1. Designed and Engineered in Germany for European commercial gym equipment market.
  2. Rated for 2000 kgs (total).
  3. Genuine commercial certificate.
  4. 107 cm x 110 cm inner cage diameter.
  5. Laser-cut hole markings.
  6. Reinforcement brackets at the top of the rack to further improve the stability.
  7. Expandable via optional ATX®Rack Attachments.

Compact Footprint

The beauty of floor-mounted power cages is that they offer the same features as the full-sized power cage while taking up minimal space. The open design also allows you to bring your bench in, as you don‐t have a rear support beam in your way.

The only downside being is that you need a concrete floor to mount it too, in order to enjoy the safety benefits.


Just like any 800 series ATX®Power Cage, it features reinforcement brackets at the top of the rack. This greatly improves stability, especially when someone is racking 500 kgs. These brackets prevent the rack from flexing or shaking, even when it is loaded up with the whole safe working load of 2000 kgs.

Another often overlooked feature of the PRX-800 racks is the industrial M20 hardware. For those who are not familiar with the term, it is a high-tensile 20 mm thick bolt holding up the rack.


ATX®have always stood out from the competition with their high-quality optional attachments. That is one of the reasons why their power cages are sold without any accessories.

The German way of thinking is to allow the customer to pick what they want and need rather than sell them a pre-packaged set, which they might have to customize and change, just so it would meet their needs.

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations of the unit. The Screws for mounting the rack to the floor are not included, the type you will need will depend on the surface you are planning on mounting it on.

Scroll down to see the range of compatible accessories!

Product Specifications

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Safe Working Load





5 Years – T & Cs


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