ATX® Smith Machine 500 – Low Ceilings – 198 cm


Maximize your workout in spaces with low ceilings with the ATX® Smith Machine 500 – German-engineered for stability and smooth operation.


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Model Height – 186 cm.

ATX® Smith Machine 500 – Perfect for Low Ceilings at 198cm Height

Introducing the ATX® Smith Machine 500, ingeniously designed for spaces with low ceilings. This exceptional Smith Machine is part of the ATX® Low Ceiling series, crafted to maximize your workout without the height constraints.

Walk-Through Innovation

The walk-through design of the ATX® Smith Machine 500 is a game changer. This isn’t just about utilizing space efficiently by placing it across doorways or using the space behind for storing cable attachments. The German engineering behind this feature ensures stability without the need for obstructive crossbeams, making it the ideal companion for using any adjustable bench.

Elite Features

  1. Precision Placement: Laser-cut holes in the base serve as a guide for bench alignment and squat positioning.
  2. Unhindered Grip: With 50mm x 50mm uprights and a built-in locking mechanism, your grip space is maximized.
  3. Expandable Design: Easily convert to a half rack with optional J-Hooks and Spotters.
  4. Clear Markings: Laser-cut hole markings accommodate both smith machine and optional half rack attachments.

Quality in Detail

rbber Feet

Protective Feet

reinforced uprights

Stable Construction

adjustment positions

15 Adjustment Positions

Ball Bearing housing

Linear Bearings

Olympic Weight Horns

Included Olympic Adaptors

Bracing Brackets

Reinforced Construction

Laser-Cut Scaling

Laser-Cut Scaling

Solid Steel Bar

Solid Steel Bar

Optional J-Hooks

Optional J-Hooks

Robust Construction

  1. Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: With a safe working load of 200kg, this machine supports both accessory and compound lifts.
  2. Solid Steel Barbell: Crafted for durability and performance.
  3. Stress-Free Assembly: Pre-welded support brackets enhance stability and ease assembly.
  4. Reinforced Structure: Top and bottom brackets fortify the machine’s integrity.

Ultra-Smooth Operation

The ATX® Smith Machine 500 boasts solid steel guiderails with a sleek chrome finish, enhancing both the machine’s smoothness and stability. Elevating the performance, ATX® incorporates linear bearings in the bar housing, offering a significant advantage over the conventional nylon sleeve design by reducing friction as the bar moves along the guiderails.

Please note: Free Weight Barbell, Collars, Weight Plates, J-Hooks are all sold separately.

Product Specifications

Weight 73 kg
Lifting Bar


Smith Capacity

200 kg







Load Capacity

200 kg




EN 20957 I.II.IV – H

Gym Warranty

5 years see T&Cs




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