ATX® Smith Machine System Plate Loaded


By far the best quality smith machine system at this price point by a country mile. German design gives you a very smooth movement at a very affordable price.

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50 x 50 x 2 mm
bolt M12

Series 500

60 x 60 x 2 mm
bolt M12

Series 600

60 x 60 x 3 mm
bolt M12

Series 600

70 x 70 x 2 mm
bolt M12

Series 700

70 x 70 x 3 mm
bolt M20 / M12

Series 700

80 x 80 x 3 mm
bolt M20

Series 800

ATX® Smith Machine System Plate Loaded

The ATX® Smith Machine System is a complete home gym for someone who is tight on space. In a 200cm x 138cm space, you have a quality smith machine, half-rack plus a high and low pulley. What more could you ask for?

  1. Including the lifting bar, the footprint is only 200cm x 138cm.
  2. Clever German design – utilising precision nylon bushes, they have made a very affordable smith machine that is very heavy duty and smooth. Unbeatable value.
  3. The uprights have 11 lockout positions for the smith machine. The j-hooks double as safety stoppers for an added degree of security.
  4. Premium J-hooks with barbell protection to protect the knurling on your bar.
  5. The half-rack has 25 positions spaced 50mm apart. The uprights are numbered for convenience.
  6. Multi-grip chin-up bar

Lat Machine – Better than the Gym!

  1. Lat pulldown is rated for 160kgs – industrial cables and pulleys.
  2. 1:1 weight ratio – no mechanical advantage.
  3. Precision nylon bushes with chrome guide rails give a super smooth movement under heavy loads. Just like, or even better than the ones you use at the gym.
  4. Adjustable pads to anchor yourself when doing heavy lat pulldowns.

All in 1 Gym Solution

You can have a complete gym of your own in just a space of 200cm x 138cm. In such a compact footprint you can hit your muscles with barbell, smith and cable exercises. Plus there is a very handy multi-grip chin you can use too. Normally smith machines at this price and/or footprint are pretty ordinary. They are either not smooth or fall apart after very little use.

That is the beauty of buying ATX®. Both Domestic and Commercial ATX® machines are manufactured in the same factory. The systems utilise similar technology so you know it has been tried and tested in Europe for many years before it has been put onto the Australian market.

If you like training variety and want to set up your own home gym or studio but you are restricted on space, then definitely take a look at this unit.

What’s Included? ATX® Smith Machine System Plate Loaded (ATX-MPX-620), ATX® Lat Tower Option Plate Loaded (ATX-LTO-650-PL), 2 x Olympic Adaptors for the Smith Machine (BB-OA-350-PVC), 2 x Olympic Adaptors for the Lat Tower Option (BB-OA-250-PVC), Connector for the Lat Tower (ATX-AD-MPX-LMO), J-Hooks, Extension Chain, 2 x Carabiners.

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Gym Cable Attachments

Product Specifications

Lifting Bar


Smith Capacity

200 kg


203 x 139cm


215 cm


127 kg

Load Capacity

250 kg



Lockout Spacing



EN 20957 I.II.IV – H

Gym Warranty

5 years see T&Cs




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