ATX® X Wide Functional Trainer


Maximize your workout with the ATX® X Wide Functional Trainer! Compact yet versatile, it features a multi-grip chin-up bar, advanced cable crossover, ergonomic support, and more for a full-body workout.


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Cable Crossover Machine
Compact Functional Trainer
Wide Functional Trainer

ATX® X Wide Functional Trainer: Your Ultimate Compact Gym Solution

The ATX® X Wide Functional Trainer is a state-of-the-art, compact gym equipment designed to cater to a wide range of fitness needs. Whether you’re a bodyweight training enthusiast or a weightlifting pro, this functional trainer offers unparalleled versatility and convenience. Its robust design, coupled with a multitude of features, makes it an ideal choice for both home gyms and professional fitness centers. Get ready to elevate your fitness routine with the ATX® X Wide Functional Trainer!

solid construction

Solid Construction

dual weight stack

Dual 90 kgs Weight Stacks

Adjustable Pulleys

Swivelling and Height Adjustable

rock climbing grip

Rock Climbing and Fat Grip

Rubbet Feet

High End Finish

Design Features

Unique Design Features

Included Cable Attachments

Included Attachments

back support pad

Back Support Pad

Versatile Chin-Up Bar:

Multi-Grip Knurled Handles: Ideal for bodyweight training enthusiasts, offering excellent grip for various chin-up styles.

Thick Neutral Grips: Designed to reduce forearm muscle imbalances and enhance grip strength.

Climbing Grip Pull-Up Bar: A specialized addition for building grip and finger strength.

Advanced Cable Crossover

32 Height Adjustment Positions: Accommodates athletes of all sizes and supports a wide range of exercises.

Dual Arm Design: Swivels 180 degrees, adjustable pulley width from 420 mm to 1770 mm.

Laser-Engraved Hole Markings: For easy identification.

2 x 90 kg Weight Stacks: With a 2:1 pulley ratio, suitable for intense workouts.

Ergonomic Back Support Pad

Optimal Support: Ideal for cable crossovers, ensuring proper form and focus on muscle development.

Thick Foam Padding: Ensures comfort during heavy weight training.

Curved Semi/Circular Design: Maximizes support.

Adjustable Height and Depth: Customizable for various exercises.

Multipurpose Use: Ideal for Cable Bent Over Rows and standing chest press.

Convertible to Half Rack

Enhanced Versatility: Use with optional ATX J-Hooks (ATX-FH-T5-5000) for expanded exercises.

Additional Accessories: Compatible with Foam Roller (ATX-FROL-SET) and Mobility Roller (ATX-MR) for exercises like Bulgarian split squats and to get rid of muscle tightness.

Additional Features

Exercise Board: Built-in for exercise ideas or customizable as a training diary. (Just grab some chalkboard vinyl stickers from your local hardware store).

Compact Footprint: Space-efficient, extending less than a meter from the wall.

Comprehensive Attachments Included: Two Single Cable Handles, Dual Lat Pulldown Bar, Revolving Straight Bar, Triceps Rope, Ankle Cuff, and two carabiners.

Built-in Attachment Storage: Convenient hooks under the exercise board.

Rubber Feet: Prevents sliding and protects the floor.

Anti-Slip Footplate: Ensures a stable base for training.

Product Specifications

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 227 × 97 × 38 cm







3 years see T&Cs


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