ATX® Wall Mounted Dip Bars


Don’t allow cramped spaces to prevent you from performing your dips! Use the ATX Wall Mounted Dip Bars instead. Suited for home gym & studio use. Dips are one of the best all round upper body exercises ever.


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The ATX® Wall Mounted Dip Bars are a great addition to any gym. Dips are the ultimate upper body exercise. No other exercises will allow you to target such a large portion of your chest, shoulders, triceps and back simultaneously.

The angled handles of these ATX® dip bars allow you to get creative with your variations. The ATX® wall mounted dip bars truly are a step ahead of the competition. The clever design and construction provide these dip handles with a 350kg safe working load rating!

Dip Bar Features

The ATX® Dip Bars have been one of the most popular dip bars. They have a simple yet exceptionally sturdy design. Combined with necessary comfort features made it a number one choice for thousands of upper body training enthusiasts across the world.

  1. Knurled ∅45 mm grips are manufactured out of thick steel tubing. Both the tube thickness and the knurling aggressiveness have been perfectly matched. Making this grueling exercise as comfortable as possible.
  2. Angled Handles – the width ranges from 47 cm all the way to 71cm. They have been angled for a couple of reasons. One being to suit users of all shapes and sizes. While the other was to ease the stress of your shoulders.
  3. Knurl Markings – the markings give you an accurate guide for targeting different muscles. Wider grip will target more chest. Narrower grip for more triceps.
  4. Compact – the ATX® dip bars stick out only 60 cm from the wall. It gives you plenty of room to perform weighted dips. Plus enough clearance to lean forward to hit the chest.
  5. Reinforced – The ATX-DBX-710 Wall Mounted Dip Bars feature 8mm thick steel sheets to completely eliminate the possibility of it flexing even during the heaviest loads. ATX® recommends using 4 x mounting bolts to secure the Dipping bars to the wall (top and bottom).

Additional Information

Certification: Complies with EN Norm 957, European Community

Please Note: The bolts are not included for attaching the dip handles to the wall. The bolts must be purchased separately. The type of bolts you will require will depend on the surface you will be using.

What is Included? ATX® Wall Mounted Dip Bars (ATX-DBX-710)

Product Specifications

Weight 11 kg





EN 20957 I.II.IV – S

Weight Capacity

350 kg


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