Bumper Weight Plate Toaster Rack

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The Bumper Weight Plate Toaster Rack is the perfect storage solution for a rubber Bumper plate set. Very solid construction and easy on the eye too!


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The Bumper Weight Plate Toaster Rack is the perfect storage solution for bumper plates. Given that bumpers have the same diameter, most traditional Olympic weight racks cannot accommodate them. So this is a great portable alternative!

  1. Designed to accommodate a complete set of bumpers
  2. Easy to move – simply grab the handle and lift.
  3. Steel tube and plate frame that is fully welded. .
  4. Extra room for fractional plates.
  5. Matt Black finish.

Bumper Weight Plate Toaster Rack

Designing a vertical stand for bumper plates is difficult, due to the large diameter of each plate the rack would need to be fairly tall and require a large base for adequate support. The other issue in a gym is that morons will load the heaviest plates on the top storage horns, resulting in a tipping issue. Even more so, if the plates are loaded unevenly on one side.

Most weight plate racks have narrower spacing on the top horns to stop people from doing this, but that doesn’t work for bumpers.

The toaster rack is specifically designed for a full set of bumpers, but will also accommodate normal Olympic plates too. The back slots are nice and wide to accommodate the extra girth of the solid rubber 20kg & 25kg bumpers. 

But the big advantage is its maneuverability. You might perform your squats inside the power rack but move to a lifting platform for deadlifts or Olympic lifts. The handle and wheels mean you can take your plates with you.

It is constructed out of beefy tube steel and welded to thick solid plates. It’s simply not possible to overload this thing.

Product Specifications

Weight 26 kg
Weight Plate Type

Olympic (50mm)

Mounting Type

Free Standing






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