Gym Cable 6 x 19 Fiber Core 1 Metre Polyurethane Coating

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This Gym Cable 6 x 19 Fiber Core 1 Metre is a super strong steel cable that lets you fix or replace your broken gym cables right! With a 785kgs capacity.


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Our cable is 4mm thick galvanised steele wire with a 2mm polyurethane coating, making it 6mm thick total. The PU coating makes the cable highly durable while still remaining flexible, meaning your cable machine will run smoother for longer than ever before!

Unfortunately there is a lot of gym equipment on the market that utilise some second rates parts, and in particular, gym cables. We know this because people ring us up chasing parts for their equipment in despair as the distributor or retailer who sold it to them can’t supply parts. Previously we could only get replacement cable for our own gyms, but as we now have an established relationship with a steel cable importer we are offering all the gear so you can make your own.

This cable is quality. It’s 16 x 9 configuration galvanised steel wire with a fibre core. The fibre core makes the cable flexible so it can negotiate the weird and wonderful paths taken by gym cables on many gym machines. Constant flexing is just one reason why cables fail, so the fibre makes these cables last for an eternity. 

Their minimum breaking strength is 785kg. I stress minimum. With the cable eyelet we supply, a breaking strain of 1000kg was achieved. So this demonstrates just how durable this cable is under heavy load. The testing was done in Australia. The cable is manufactured in South Korea.

Note: The diameter of the cable with coating is 6 mm, without – 4 mm.

NOTE: This cable is NOT suitable for use with the following fittings:

  1. Z-CB-LFEND-6948 – Gym Cable 6948 Connector

If you are after larger amounts of gym cable, check out our bulk packages.

20 metre roll.

200 metre roll.

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