Gym Cable 6948 Connector


Replacement Stopper Assembly for LifeFitness machines. Max Cable thickness – 3mm.


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Gym Cable Connector designed for LifeFitness Machines, the included rubber stopper prevents the cable from both damaging the pulley and sliding into the cable machine’s pulley housing.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an exact replica, this particular model comes with a bellend which locks into the housing unit. You’ll need to crimp the cable in order for it to work.


Sold as a set: 1 x Gym Cable Link, Housing, Insert, Two Screws and Bell End (suitable for 3 mm cable)

This part can be used on the following model(s).

Hoist Fitness – V4

Hoist Fitness – V4-Press-Arm

Hoist Fitness – V5

Hoist Fitness – V6

LifeFitness – 3102502

LifeFitness – CMACO_Adjustable Crossover

LifeFitness – CMCC_Cable Crossover

LifeFitness – CMCP_Chest Press

LifeFitness – CMDAP_Dual_Adjustable _Pulley_Add-on_Weight

LifeFitness – CMDAP_Dual_Adjustable_ Pulley_Drop-Down_Weigh

LifeFitness – CMPD_Pulldown

LifeFitness – CMRW_Row

LifeFitness – FXT_FXTS_Synrgy_360S

LifeFitness – FXT_FXTS_Synrgy_360S

LifeFitness – FXT_FXTS_Synrgy_360S

LifeFitness – FXTS_Synrgy_360S

LifeFitness – MJ8_8-Station_Multi-Jungle

LifeFitness – MJACO_Adjustable Crossover (SN)

LifeFitness – MJAP_Adjustable Pulley

LifeFitness – MJAP41_Adjustable_Pulley

LifeFitness – MJAXO_Adjustable Crossover

LifeFitness – MJLPD_Dual Pulley Pulldown

LifeFitness – MJRWD_Dual_Pulley_Row

LifeFitness – OSBT_Bicep-Tricep

LifeFitness – OSDAP_Dual_Adjustable_Pulley

LifeFitness – OSLR_Lat_Pulldown-Low_Row

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