GymFloor® 15mm 1m x 1m Black


Commercial Gym Flooring Manufactured out of high-quality SBR Rubber and bonded with Polyurethane. ✓ Manufactured in Europe ✓ High Slip Resistance ✓ Suitable for Indoor/Outdoor Use ✓ Great Shock and Sound Absorbing Properties ✓ Genuine European Certificates


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GymFloor® 15 mm Thick Tiles are manufactured in Europe out of recycled rubber (SBR) and are bonded with polyurethane for optimum durability.

They come with Following Features:

  1. High Slip Resistance.
  2. Almost Odourless.
  3. Manufactured out of Quality Materials (SBR) Recycled Rubber and Bonded with Polyurethane.
  4. MADE IN EU.
  5. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use.
  6. Suitable for Underfloor Heating.
  7. Great shock and sound-absorbing properties.
  8. High 700 kg/m3 Density.

European Quality

Every one who sells cheap tiles will tell you they have a certificate to support their tiles passing Australian Standards. The sample may have passed with flying colours, but will the actual product? 

After the recent building scandals, and a greater spotlight being placed on building materials, we have decided to offer our customers a genuine quality product. Yes it costs more, but it passed the much tighter European testing process. Plus European customers demand products that are quality and non toxic.  

Here are the tests which GymFloor® Tiles have successfully passed before being released to the market:

Slip Resistance – R10 – highly slip-resistant (DIN EN 51130).

Force Reduction – 38% (DIN EN 13036-4).

Impact/Sound Reduction – 24 db.

Wear/Abarasion Test – 0.23% (DIN ISO 9352) (Taber Abraser Test).

Fire Behaviour – Efl (DIN EN 13501-1) / B2 (DIN 4102-1).

Laying Tips

Here are a few things you should know before laying your tiles down:

Rubber expands or contracts, depending on the temperature of the place you are going to lay them to. If you are covering a larger area, it is recommended to leave your tiles in the room for 24 hours, so that the rubber could expand/contract. Depending on the temperature of your desired laying area.

Cutting – even though it might seem like a laborious task, cutting tiles is not that difficult when you are cutting them the right way. All you will need is a carpet knife and a 5-10 cm block which would extend throughout the whole tile. This way, with each cut, the rubber would open up and you would be able to get a nice clean cut without getting your blade stuck in the rubber.

Gluing – due to the high weight of the gym floor mats (13 kgs a piece!) and grippy surface, these tiles are solid without glue. So you don’t necessarily need to be glue them down. However, if you still wish to do so, allow the tiles to compress/decompress in the room for 24 hours before doing so.

Product Specifications

Weight 13 kg









Recycled SBR Rubber, Polyurethane Bonded


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