Ironmaster Hybrid Bench Pad


Best of both worlds! Enjoy the features of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting bench with the Ironmaster Dual Width Pad! Suitable for Ironmaster Super Bench and Super Bench PRO.


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In the past, if you wanted to get the benefits of an increased range of motion you had to opt for a bench with a narrower backrest pad. This allowed your shoulders to sit outside of the bench, giving you that bit of extra stretch while also protecting your shoulders.

The downside was you lost out on stability, which becomes problematic when you want to go heavy!

The Dual-Width Hybrid Pad maintains the typical width for the bottom half of the pad, but tapers off on the top half. The taper helps increase your bench ROM without severely compromising stability.

  1. Original no-gap adjustable bench.
  2. Suitable for Ironmaster Super Bench and Super Bench PRO.
  3. Anti-Slip Vinyl upholstery.
  4. High-density commercial foam.
  5. Pad dimensions: 112cm x 26/31 cm.

The Bench Pad

The Narrow Side

The narrower side offers an increased range of motion by allowing your shoulders to sit outside of the bench. The additional room to move around also protects your shoulder joint from impingement.

This also makes exercises such as lying dumbbell rows or pec flies far more comfortable.

The only negative of having just a narrow bench is it’s not exactly suitable for heavy bench press. You would not have the same stability compared to a full-sized IPF specification bench press.

The Wide Side

The Wider Side – when you are going for a PB, you are trying to be as stable as humanly possible. If you’ve been following bench press cues, you already know that by placing your shoulders on the bench and maintaining a back arch, you will have much more stability and control during the lift.

The great thing about the Hybrid Bench Pad is that when you need the added stability, you can turn the bench around to have the wide half under your shoulders.

During recent years the market has been saturated with “innovative” no-gap benches, adjustable benches, and utility benches. Ironmaster have been offering all of these for years, just on a single bench.

Please Note: The Ironmaster Super Bench/PRO is not included. It is sold as a replacement pad, we cannot swap it out for the Original Bench Pad.

Product Specifications

Weight 6.6 kg

Sold Individually


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