Ironmaster Ultimate Row Handle


Adjustable Multi-Purpose Row/Pulldown Handle which can either be used on a T-Bar row or a cable machine!


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The World's Best Pull/Row Bar?

Variation and consistency are some of the key factors which help your body improve. American Engineers have developed an adjustable rowing/pulling handle that will allow you to perform a huge variety of exercises with optimal form.

You can find the sweet spot in training by altering the width of the handles to better suit your body.

Manufactured out of heavy duty chrome plated steel.

Base weight of 4.6 kgs (10.2 lbs)

Square bar length – 94 cm

The safe working load of the Ultimate Row Handle:

Cable System Use – 250 lbs (~114kgs)

T-Bar Row Use – 350 lbs (~159kgs)


Angled for comfort and depth – the main bar has been angled at 15 degrees, this alleviates the strain on your joints when using overhand grips.

The angled design also creates more room, allowing you to achieve the peak contraction of the muscle without having to worry about it hindering your depth.

Standard grip handle width range (end to end): 19.5 – 46.25 inches. 49.5cm – 117.5 cm

Neutral grip handle width range (center to center): 3 – 29.5 inches. 7.5 cm – 75 cm

Grip diameter: 1.25 inches – 32 mm


The grips feature 8 adjustment positions which are spaced out 5 cm apart.

This gives you a total of 16 different grip variations. 

Once you get bored of rows and pulldowns, you can attach a couple of chains with stirrup handles and use the Ironmaster Ultimate Row Handle for pec flys.


Sam's Review

The Ironmaster Ultimate Row Handle is a real Swiss Army Knife for your gym. It is a multi grip cable attachment and t-bar row handle in one unit. Ironmaster don’t make many products, but what they do make, they make them very well.


The whole unit is made from heavy duty chrome plated steel. This is important because of the level of adjustability on the row handle, paint work would get pretty worn quickly. It weighs in at 4.6kgs and is rated for 250lbs on cable exercises and 350lbs on Olympic Bars.

The handles have a quality knurl. They have two grip positions, one for standard and one for neutral.  It has got pull pins so you can dial them into the position that works best for you. There are 8 adjustment positions, spaced 5cm apart. 

So 8 positions, 2 grip options each – that gives you an indication of just how many variations you can get from the Ultimate Row Handle.

For standard grip you have a width of 50cm to 118cm. For neutral grip you have just over 7cm to 75cm. 

The 15 degree angle is another handy feature. Compared to other attachments, particularly for rows, you have a better range of motion.

Perfect For

Ironmaster’s bread and butter is space efficient gym equipment primarily for home – so the Ultimate Row Handle is the perfect reflection of this. If you are just setting up a home gym, this really is a no brainer.

If you already have a home gym and have cable attachments, this still could be for you – especially if you are not currently doing barbell t-bar rows.  If you just have one lat pulldown bar and one cable row handle, adding the Ultimate Row Handle will not be a duplication.

Personally I have found it real handy when training with others, especially my kids.

You can quickly and easily adjust it to the right hand positioning. 

Plus with all the cable attachments we have at our disposal, this row handle gives you truly unique variations.

So for personal trainers, the Ultimate Row Handle is ideal given the adjustability and the variations it offers. Especially when you consider how affordable it is.

Now I wouldn’t recommend this for a large scale gym. Adjustability comes at a price. Spring pins are always an issue and you can completely remove the handles. In these environments you are better off with individual cable attachments.  A solid lat pulldown bar or cable row handle are much more robust. Plus you can buy a lot more of them which is what you need in a large gym.


For this price I really struggle to find a downside. Like a lot of Ironmaster products, it is not that visually appealing. For me that is a bonus because you are not paying to make things pretty. There is only one real comparable product to my knowledge and that is the Flex Wheelers Back Widow. 

That is much more eye catching. But at $465 vs $189 it is pretty hard to make a comparison.

The other downside is that with the adjustability and range of motion your ego may take a hit – especially on seated rows. On a wider grip, the angle gives a lot more range of motion. So if you are using proper form you will find your rows may not be as impressive as other attachments.

I mean it would be nice to laser etched numbers, but if you really need numbering, just do it yourself with a permanent marker. What makes this item so attractive is the price, and just adding insignificant features just start adding to cost.

I have no hesitation in giving the Ultimate Row Handle a solid recommendation. It gives you heaps of variety, it is durable, takes up a bit more space that a normal lat pulldown bar and given all that – it is bloody cheap.

Product Specifications

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