Liquid Chalk 250ml

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Our Liquid Chalk 250ml is a more effective and less messy option! It sticks to your skin better than block chalk and spreads more thoroughly into your hands.


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Liquid hand chalk will adhere to your skin easily and will dramatically reduce the excess associated with chalk block application. There are a lot of fastidious gym owners that pride themselves on the cleanliness and order of their gym. Chalk blocks can sometimes spread chalk throughout your gym.

Just like our chalk blocks, this is made from mostly magnesium carbonate. A water based formula has been added to make it a liquid and not a solid.

Liquid hand chalk is a favourite for training in commercial gyms: some gym owners have been known to be a bit uptight with the mess caused by chalk blocks. The powder can get everywhere – deep into the bars knurling and all over the platforms.

Liquid training chalk dries to your hands and leaves very little residue behind. As long as you don’t drop it when you’re applying it then it will stay on your hands and not the floor. It is also non-toxic and can be easily washed off when you’re done.

We have bulk purchased the product without labels so we can offer it at this great price. 

Product Specifications

Weight 0.5 kg

1 x 250ml Bottle

1 review for Liquid Chalk 250ml

  1. Earl

    Does what it says on the tin (bottle?).

    Assuming your hands are dry, you don’t need a lot to cover your palms. For better coverage, wash your hands with soap, dry properly and you’ll find it adheres well.

    As a tip: When you unseal the bottle, use that same seal to cover the hole under the cap (not flip lid, cap) to slow down the evaporation of the alcohol.

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