Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Power Maxx

This 4ft EZ Curl Bar is commercial gym quality and built to last. A low cost, highly versatile Olympic EZ Curl Bar for any gym, guaranteed to take your arm exercises to a new level.


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The Power Maxx Olympic EZ Curl Bar is a fantastic addition to your home gym for a low cost. It gets its name from the ultimate upper body exercise (bicep curls). But is also great for any arm exercise, especially upright rows!

  1. Commercial construction – 27mm solid steel shaft with steel sleeves.
  2. Smooth Rotation – Bulletproof copper bushings.
  3. Grip – Consistent knurling for a strong grip.
  4. Smart chrome finish.
  5. Power Maxx aluminium end caps – the best looking curl bar around!

EZ Curl Bar

A 4ft Curl Bar, given its price and versatility, is almost mandatory in any gym. Whether it be a full scale commercial gym, or the home gym of someone starting out in weight lifting, they will always see plenty of use.

When I started I had just a pair of spin lock dumbbell handles and an EZ bar which I used for all kinds of exercises. When you have very little gym equipment you will be surprised at what you can do!

Power Maxx Olympic EZ Curl Bar Sleeves

What exercises can I do with an EZ Curl Bar?

EZ Curl Bars, otherwise known as “bicep curl bars”, or “arm curl bars”, are wrongly thought to only be used for arm exercises. Although they were designed for a more comfortable wrist position during bicep and tricep curls, they can be used for pretty much anything.

We’re often asked whether you can deadlift, squat and bench press with a curl barbell. Well the answer is YES! Although we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re preparing for a powerlifting competition, a curl barbell can be used for any barbell exercise where you don’t need a power rack.

For more inspiration, check out Lee Priest demonstrating the versatility of a curl bar! Featured in the video is the novelty camo bicep curl bar from ATX.

Why is this bar so cheap?

We first started selling these bars about 10 years ago, we got 20 in the first container and they sold out near instantly. After that we started getting more and more per container, and our containers got more and more frequent. Nowadays we get over a hundred of them at a time, equating to thousands per year.

By sheer volume of sales, we’ve been able to get a really good price on these from our supplier so we pass the savings off to our customers. Don’t be fooled into thinking cheap is the same as low quality, it’s actually a top quality bar. Additionally we have supplied many of these to gyms throughout Australia.

How much does an EZ Curl Bar weigh?

Typically EZ curl bars weight between 7 to 10kgs. The Power Maxx Olympic EZ Curl bar weighs 8.7kgs.

How do you hold an EZ Curl Bar?

The beauty of an easy bar is you can hold it wherever you like! The curved design means there are plenty of comfortable positions to grip it.

Why use an EZ Curl Bar?

Ez barbells are designed specifically so your wrists are in the most comfortable position for arm exercises.

Are EZ Curl Bars good?

There is no better barbell to use for bicep and tricep exercises! Even though some may not admit it, anybody who lifts weights would not be disappointed if they got bigger arms. For some it is the sole reason they train. Therefore EZ Curl Bars are good for all lifters!

Product Specifications

Weight 10 kg
Barbell Type


Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity





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