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Very affordable weighted sled for non abrasive surfaces. Ideal for packing in your gym bag and hitting the park for some speed work. The Spud Inc Cheap Bastard Sled comes cheap but delivers excellent performance! Made with extremely durable and lightweight nylon webbing with a heavy duty buckle.

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The Spud Inc Cheap Bastard Sled is an extremely durable and compact gym accessory designed for all you cheap bastards out there! But unlike a lot of cheap things, the Cheap Bastard Sled is built to last.

Functional training areas are common in most gyms these days. So whether you are a gym owner or a gym-goer looking for a sled without breaking the bank, the Cheap Bastard Sled is your new best mate.

Better still, if you want to get outdoors and do some conditioning work in the park it will be hard enough getting just your weight plates sorted. Traditional sleds would take up the whole boot of your car, but this bad boy can fit easily into your gym bag.

  1. Made in the US of A.
  2. Heavy duty steel attachment ring – attaches to all sorts of sled attachment cables.
  3. Rolls up to next to nothing.
  4. Weighs less than a pound – heavy lifting should be reserved for training, not setting up!
  5. Suitable for turf, rubber mats or astro.
  6. Nylon strap with heavy duty buckle to secure the weights to the sled.
  7. Extremely durable nylon webbing.

For personal trainers, it is an easy and very affordable way to get 2 sled stations going at once. 

The Cheap Bastard Sled is suitable for all types of NON ABRASIVE surfaces, ie don’t drag it down an asphalt road. It is fine on rubber-style gym mats, which are in most gyms these days. But a lot of places have a strip of Astroturf or similar where people can do sled or prowler work.

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