The Original ATX® Ram Olympic Power Bar


European Power Bar made with 206,000psi spring steel. With centre knurling and IPF markings, it is built for the serious powerlifter and strongmen.


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The Original ATX® Ram Olympic Power Bar

The ATX® Ram Power Bar was designed to offer European customers a better alternative to expensive USA made Power Bars. Now we’re happy to offer one of the best power bars in Australia to our customers.

  1. German designed and engineered. All batches are independently tested in a German laboratory for compliance.
  2. Medium Sharp Knurling provides a great grip without tearing your skin apart.
  3. Patented blend 28.5mm spring steel shaft.
  4. Tensile strength of 206,000psi.
  5. Smooth rotation on precision brass bushings.
  6. Chrome sleeves with anti-slip ribbing.
  7. Extremely heavy duty – 700kg load capacity.
You know all the stats, so let’s see it in action! Here is a lazy 340kg deadlift.

The German Power Bar

In true German fashion, ATX® studied both American and European bars in depth. They conjured up a barbell that, through clever design and manufacturing, matches the performance of bars more than triple the price. No wonder they have been a huge success in the European market – the reviews are out there for you to see. 

In Australia we face the same problems as the Europeans. Importing high-end bars from the US is very expensive. We are able to offer this bar at such a competitive price as we bring in large volumes of gym equipment, and in comparison, these bars take up very little space in our containers so don’t absorb too much of our freight costs. 

So even though you might not have heard of this bar, do some research before you buy that expensive American bar. The ATX® Ram Bar gives a highly reputable brand, some very impressive stats and a proven track record – all at a very attractive price.

Weight Load Capacity

The weight load capacity varies between exercises due to the relevant load support of the different exercises. Squats are the lowest at 500kg because the load is only supported in the centre of the bar by your shoulders. Conversely, when you bench press your hands are spaced wider than the other lifts. This means there is less strain on the bar.

Regardless these capacities will not be an issue. The person that squats more than 500kgs will no doubt have back wider than the average bench press grip.

Please refer to the table below:

Grip TypeMaximum Permitted WeightExample of Exercise
Wide Handle Width700 kgBench Press
Medium Handle Width600 kgDeadlift
Central/Narrow Handle Width500 kgSquats

Additional Information

ATX® offers top-quality, tested equipment for professional use.

The ATX® weight bars are tested in a German independent testing laboratory with following material tests:

  1. Tensile test acc. To DIN EN ISO 6892-1.
  2. Hardness Rockwell acc. to DIN EN ISO 6508-1

The barbell has the following values: tensile strength (Tesile Strength): 206,000 psi = 206 K (K / NSI = kilo pounds per square inch) = / corresponds to 1420 N / mm2 HRC / surface hardness: 44.0

What’s Included? ATX® Ram Olympic Power Bar (ATX-LH-50-PLB)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 21 kg
Grip Diameter


Sleeve Rotation




Sleeve Length




Load Capacity




Knurl Marking


Centre Knurl


Knurling Aggression


Tensile Strength



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