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Say no to dreary ab workouts with the Ironmaster Crunch Attachment! Perform Crunches at different angles and decline bench press with Crunch attachment for Super Bench. This Super Bench attachment adds variety to your ab crunches, sit ups & decline press.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight 3.5kgs
Colour Chrome with black foam rollers.
Warranty Ironmaster offer a 10 year warranty frame warranty (excluding paint or plating) for their benches, machines and optional attachments. The pads, cables, pulleys and upholstery are covered by a one year warranty. The Ironmaster warranty is for domestic use.
Carton Size Carton 1: 56cm x 48cm x 11cm

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Detailed Description

The Ironmaster Crunch Attachment for the Ironmaster Super Bench will allow you to add more variety to ab workouts with both crunches and sit ups.

So what? A lot of benches have crunch attachments.

The big advantage with this set up is the level of adjustability. You can go from a fairly tame just past level position to a blood rushing to head steep position. And many positions in between.

This attachment is also great for decline dumbbell or barbell press.

I also find that locking your legs in the higher position is far more comfortable than the normal locking position on leg extension attachments.

The single handle at the top of the attachment is perfect for hanging on whilst mounting at steep angles.

To be perfectly honest I am neither much of a ab crunch or decline press man. What I did use this attachment for was reverse ab crunches on an incline. Hanging on to the top rollers was far more comfortable than stretching back further for the end of the bench. Please note that this is just for the attachment, the Ironmaster Super Bench is sold separately.

Decline Dumbbell Press

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