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There is no other piece of gym equipment that divides opinion like the old Smith Machine. You either love it or hate it. No wonder though, as there are so many theories on how they cause injuries. However, I have yet to have someone tell me they were injured by a smith machine. On the other hand, I know plenty of blokes who have torn pecs from barbell bench pressing.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Footprint Width: 200cm Depth: 165cm Height: 223cm
Grade Commercial - EN 20957 I.II.IV - S
Weight 163 kgs
Inclusions 2 x Olympic 50mm sleeves for the lifting bar. 1 x ATX® Smith Machine, NOT INCLUDED - Weights, Bench, Cable Attachments and Lat Pulldown Option, Free Weight Kit (J-Hooks & Spotter Arms)
Weight Load Capacity Total Load Capacity = 600kgs, Lifting Bar = 250kgs, Optional J-Hooks and Spotter Bars = 250kgs, Weight Storage Horns = 120kg per Horn, Chin Up Bars = 250kgs.
Colour Matte Black

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Detailed Description

We are lucky to know many Iron Warriors with over 20, 30 and even 40 years of training under the belt. Many swear by the smith machine and are still training harder than ever. So like any piece of gym equipment, only use a weight you can handle with proper form and you will be fine.

  1. Precision linear bearings with injection moulded housing.
  2. Massive weight capacity of the rack - 600kg!
  3. Multi-grip Chin-Up bar.
  4. 10 Weight storage horns.
  5. Optional Spotter Bars and J-Hooks
  6. Rubber feet for better stability and floor protection.
  7. Adjustable smith machine safety lock.
  8. Certified for commercial use by European standards - EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S.
Smith machine half rack

Designed to withstand the heaviest lifts

Firstly the Smith Machine lifting bar features linear bearings and hardened 30mm steel guide rails. This set up has a load capacity of 250kgs. It is smooth to use, even under heavy loads. If you are shopping around and comparing with other so-called commercial machines check out the thickness of their guide rails. You will find most are only 25mm. These thinner shafts will have much greater flex than 30mm ones. Here is Lee Priest on an older model, moving 3 plates a side - the machine has no movement at all.

You also have eight different smith machine barbell adjustment hooks and adjustable safety stoppers.

Non-Restricted Training

On similar Smith Machine Half Rack combos, the lifting bar gets in the way when doing barbell work. You either bang your head or your shins! The ATX® Smith Machine is cleverly designed so that the lifting bar can be anchored well out of the way. There is 192cm of clearance under there!

On the lowest setting, the Smith Machine Barbell is sitting at 38 cm.

Smith machine half rack

Optional Free Weight Kit

The brand new ATX® Smith Machine model shed its built-in gun rack and now offers the opportunity to convert your smith machine into a fully functional half rack. The J-Hooks and spotter arms are designed to withstand loads of over 300 kgs! These adjustable J-Hooks give you plenty of flexibility when starting your lifts. The spotter bars will give you the confidence to tackle those last reps!

Please Note: The free weight kit included is not included with the base smith machine. Let us know if you will require the Optional Free Weight Kit and we will order it in for you.

Smith machine half rack

Robust Construction

One of the most common fears of the potential smith machine buyer is whether the rack is going to be stable enough to perform basic heavy compound exercises.

The extra-long base of the ATX® not only gives you the sought after stability but also ample room to train inside or outside of the Smith Machine. On top of that, the ATX® Smith Machine weighs a whopping 163 kg, it's unique design allows it to withstand loads of over 600 kgs!

Smith machine adjustable

Additional Information

The most underlooked feature of the smith machine is the Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar. The new and improved design offers more joint-friendly grips which will help you target various muscle groups.

German Engineers have always been a step ahead of their competition. The ATX® Smith Machine comes with rubber feet which will absorb the shock and protect the floor from damage.

IMPORTANT: Weight Plates, Barbells, Free Weight Kit (J-Hooks & Spotter Arms) are all sold separately. The machine in the action shots includes the lat pulldown option which can also be purchased separately. This listing is for Smith Machine Only.

barbarian smith machine

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If you are in another area, or would like to know the price of a residential delivery, then CONTACT US and we will work it out for you.

Stock is limited, if you want to grab the smith machine and you are not happy with the revised freight, we will refund the sale straight away. In the comments section just let us know your delivery preference - residential, depot or business with forklift. So sorry for the inconvenience. 

Smith Machine

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