Gavins Powertec Multi Press and Lat Tower Accessory Review

Big thanks to Gavin for sending a quick review of his Powertec Multi Press plus Workbench Lat Tower Accessory. This is what Gavin had to say on his Powertec combination…..

Hey Sam,

Glad to see you have new videos up! I am a fan of lee. Last year I emailed you I ordered the multipress with lat tower attachment and I have been really pleased with it even though now I wish I had put a little more money to buy the levergym. But I love the multipress and the lat tower really surprised me with how smooth it was. I love it!


What makes this combination great is that it is the complete upper body system. The Powertec Multi Press is legendary for being the ultimate push and pull machine. As an alternate to dumbbell pressing, the Leverage Bench Press is one best ways to absolutely smash your chest with complete safety. A lot of people don’t like training with barbells for chest, even Mr Universe Lee Priest prefers dumbbells or leverage, so the leverage movement is a happy medium. Now that the machine can be used with both iso lateral and fixed arms, it just adds even more options.

Plus don’t forget that you can do shoulder press, incline press and decline press too.

But even better it is my favourite back blaster. Take your pick, you can do a bent over barbell style row, prone row and one arm rows. The one arm row perfectly mimics the arc you should be using if you were training with dumbbells. This is illustrated perfectly by Lee himself in this video.

Sometimes when you come up with an exercise on a machine that it is not designed for it can feel a bit half assed. But I can guarantee that these exercises are perfect for isolating the back – so much so we ditched our t-bar row in our gym because we needed space and did rows on the lever arm. In my opinion this machine is just as good a back machine as it is a chest machine. If not better!

Finally, just like a lot of others, Gavin was surprised with the smooth Powertec lat pull down machine. Trust me I wouldn’t sell it if it was a POS. If you are tight on space or on a budget this attachment will give you a surprise too. Combined with the Multi Press you now have more ways to target your back, arms and shoulders. For upper body there is not much you can’t do.

If you needed something for legs, the Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf or Powertec Compact Leg Sled would be perfect. This way you would have a complete home gym. Plus it has the added bonus of being two separate stations that would help if you had an awkward shape room or garage.