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  • Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit
  • Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit
  • Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit
  • Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit

Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit

  • Brand: Ironmaster
  • Product Code: IM CUSTADD
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Take your quick lock dumbbells to the next level with the 165lbs addon kit! Tested by hardcore trainers for many years, the Quick Lock Dumbbell 165lb Kit is a custom add-on kit that includes real steel screws and iron weight plates.

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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Weight 45kgs
Inclusions 4 x 22.5lb Weight Plates, 4 x Custom Add On Screws.
Warranty The use of this custom add on kit will void the lifetime warranty of the original product if they are dropped or abused.
Carton Size Carton 1: 20cm x 20cm x 13cm Carton 2: 20cm x 20cm x 13cm Carton 3: 28cm x 20cm x 16cm

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Detailed Description

If the Ironmaster Kettlebell Handle didn’t finish the argument, then this Custom Add on Kit surely will. The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells land a knockout blow in the battle for the title of best adjustable dumbbell.

I am the first to agree that there are dumbbells that are easier to change and look prettier, but if you are into serious weight training you are going to be after something that is made out of real steel and iron. This custom add on kit shows just how the Ironmaster dumbbells are the toughest around.

To provide extra strength in the upper weight range, the custom add on screws are fully threaded. This will mean it will take longer than normal to make weight changes, but when you are lifting this heavy you won’t be moving through your workout at a cracking pace.

The Ironmaster Custom Add on Kit includes four custom locking screws and four 22.5lb plates. The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells and Ironmaster Add On Kit are both sold separately. You need both of these sets to use the Custom Kit.

The Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbell handles were designed for use with 120lb. So the 165lb Add On Kit will void the original warranty if the dumbbells are dropped or abused. Ironmaster have been selling these kits for many years and were previously only made available on request. So they have been tried and tested by some hardcore trainers.

165 lbs addon kit

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