ATX® Farmers Walk Mini


The ATX Mini Farmers Walk Handles make it easier to include strongman exercises into your training. Their mighty compact design is big improvement over traditional forms. With a rating of 100kgs per hand, they are suitable for even experienced trainers.


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ATX mini farmers walk handles features

Strongman training is growing in popularity. Moving heavy weights in whichever format that suits you is going to be beneficial. Whether it be an Atlas Stone or a bench press, the aim is to get stronger.  

Farmer walks have everyday utility. From the dawn of time human beings have been carrying things. Whether it be a freshly killed carcass in our hunter gatherer days. Or struggling with a load of shopping.  

If you want an exercise for functional strength, I highly recommend adding some farmers walks to your training. 

Over the years I have sold many different types of handles. The sheer size of them made them very expensive to ship. Both with importing and shipping to the customer. This all ended up in the final price.

The ATX Mini Farmer Walk Handles pair come in a tiny box in comparison. That is why they are a fraction of the price.    

atx farmers walk handles
The old model was oversized, making it a pain to ship and to store.

Key Features:

  1. Robust, fully welded steel construction for durability and safety.
  2. Ergonomic 32 mm handle diameter with knurling for an enhanced, secure grip.
  3. Compatible 50 mm weight plate holder, accommodating discs with an outer diameter of up to 450 mm.
  4. Each handle safely supports up to 100 kg, allowing for a total working load of 200 kg per pair.
  5. Sleek matt black finish for a professional look.
  6. Lightweight design, with each handle weighing approximately 3 kg, for easy setup and storage.


The Mini Farmer Walk handles are made out of rugged heavy gauge steel. They have been finished in a durable matte black powder coat. The handles are 32mm and have medium knurling (RGE 1.2). Combined with matte powder coat and some gym chalk you will be able to grip the heaviest loads.  

The Olympic sleeves fit all weight plates with 2” insert diameter (50.5+mm). Note, no weight plates are included in the package.  

The design is the most important factor. Not just in making the handles able to heavy lifts. It is all about the balance.  

The handles have been built so that they are well balanced. Plus have adequate clearance for your legs.  

mini farmers walk handles knurling


Your traps and shoulders start burning. Then your forearms feel like they are going to explode as your grip slowly fatigues. Best of all your heart rate is racing – much more fun than a spin bike or treadmill!  

If outdoor training is appealing to you, then take your ATX Mini Farmers Walk Handles to the park. Combined with some sled pulls you have practically a full body workout in two exercises. You will be burning those calories and getting strong at the same time.  

offset weight for mini farmers walk handles

Product Specifications

Sleeve Length



3 kgs per handle

Weight Load Capacity

100kg per handle

Grip Diameter









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