ATX® Power Rack 620 215cm


The ATX®620 Power Rack is a very affordable rack for the serious home trainer on a budget. This rack can handle some impressive weight with ease, combined with a growing range of optional extras it is the perfect free weight training platform for a home gym or studio.


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Training Hard and Heavy on a Budget

Manufactured out of 60 mm x 60 mm x 2 mm thick steel uprights. With a high tensile strength M12 hardware.

Inner Cage Diameter – 108 cm x 65 cm

Certified to EU Standards ‐ EN 20957 I.II.IV ‐ H.

The Power Rack Comes with the ATX® PRX J-Hooks V 60mm. Manufactured out of 10 mm thick steel plate and 12 mm hard rubber strip for knurling protection.

Safe working load – 400kgs.

Train safely thanks to the ATX® Spotters Sabre 65cm (ATX-PPS-65). 

Manufactured out of 20 mm solid steel shaft with a 3 mm thick tube sleeve.

Safe working load – 500 kgs. 

The new ATX® rack design now features a straight bar on the chin up, which can be accessed from inside the cage. Previously both sides were cambered which put off some trainers who just wanted a simple flat bar for pull-ups and muscle-ups.

The ability to target different areas of your back remains with the various grip positions on offer.

In keeping with offering the best training experience for a great price, ATX®have introduced the bar code system for hole markings. Painted or stickered numbers suffer from wear and tear. Laser cutting numbers is expensive. The bar code system is the perfect middle ground.

The ATX®620 Power Rack features barcode markings, spaced out every 15 cm. This new way of marking allows the user to identify and choose the right hole, much faster.

Both inside and outside of the rack has barcode markings, which come in two different widths for quick and accurate identification.

If you enjoy resistance band training, you will love this rack! It features five adjustment positions at the top and nine at the bottom! Band pegs are sold separately.

There is no need to bolt down this cage. It has been designed to be free-standing ‐ perfect if you are renting your house or gym.

If you are worried about damaging your floor, you don’t need to invest in expensive gym flooring.

ATX® racks have custom vulcanized rubber feet which are ideal for shock absorption and are guaranteed not to scratch up your floor.



Both power racks are well built and will be able to handle the basic exercises with ease. You will start noticing the difference when you will try to expand the racks with optional attachments. 
Due to a rather compact footprint of the PRX-520, you will not be able to add accessories such as Spotter Arms as well as Jammer Arms.

The ATX® Commercial Power Rack 650 is the beefier brother of the ATX-PRX-620. 

It has thicker uprights (3 mm vs 2 mm), higher base weight (80 kg vs 104 kg) which will offer more stability. 

As well as better optional attachments.

One of them being the Lat Tower Option, which comes in both Plate Loaded and Pin Loaded versions.

The Power Rack comes with:

ATX® PRX J-Hooks V 60mm

ATX® Spotters Sabre 65cm

Knurled Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

The rack has been engineered and certified to EU Standards ‐ EN 20957 I.II.IV ‐ H.

Making it perfect for domestic use – Home & Garage Gyms and Small Personal Training & Physio Studios.

Product Specifications

Weight 84.8 kg
Rack Series









Base Rack, J-Hooks, Spotter Bars, Multi-Grip Chinup Bar



Safe Working Load





5 Years – T & Cs


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