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The Power Maxx Gym Weight Sled is not just a tool for conditioning. Thanks to The Kneesovertoesguy, a gym sled is a multipurpose leg training device. You can push and pull your way to big, bulletproof legs. 


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Sled work is the best and highly underrated to those who are new to it. It is evolved from being a conditioning tool. Dragging a sled backward has been proven as a highly effective way of developing the muscles used in deceleration. 

Deceleration occurs when you are jumping or changing direction. This is where most injuries occur. Previously training revolved around building acceleration power. For legs this would mean barbell squats or a 45 degree leg press.  Less focus was placed on the hamstrings and glutes.  

To work these muscles walking backwards was found to be effective. Naturally adding weight made it better. This is where you need a quality gym weight sled.  

Power Maxx Gym Weight Sled Key Features

Robust Construction

Made from sturdy square tube steel, the Power Maxx Gym Weight Sled is built to withstand heavy use and intense workouts.

Olympic Push Pull Sled Power Maxx

With dimensions of 995 mm in length, 590 mm in width, and a height of 960 mm, this sled is compact yet built to take heavy loads. It’s easy to store when not in use, making it perfect for both home gyms and professional fitness centres.

Power Maxx Weight Sled Dimensions

This gym weight sled is perfect for a variety of exercises, including pushes, pulls, and drags. It’s designed to help you build strength, endurance, and power.

Olympic Push Sled

The sled features a central weight post capable of holding multiple weight plates, ensuring you can scale your workouts as you get stronger.

Olympic Push Pull Sled Power Maxx

Equipped with two vertical posts for pushing. Plus, a low horizontal bar for both pulling and pushing. Both great options to vary your training.

Power Maxx push pull sled

The sled is powder-coated in a sleek black finish, providing a durable and stylish look that resists wear and tear. 

Olympic Push Sled

Despite its sturdy construction, the sled is designed for easy movement across various surfaces, from gym floors to outdoor turf.

Power Maxx push pull sled


Maximize Your Space: This sled’s compact design makes it easy to store when not in use, fitting neatly under equipment or in storage areas. 

High-Quality Build: Crafted by Power Maxx, a brand known for its reliable and durable fitness equipment, this sled ensures you get the best quality for your investment. 

Safe and Effective Workouts: Unlike cheaper alternatives that can be unstable and unsafe, the Power Maxx Gym Weight Sled offers secure and efficient training, reducing the risk of injury

Olympic Push Sled


Olympic Push Pull Sled Power Maxx

Whether you’re a beginner looking to add variety to your workouts or an advanced athlete aiming to enhance your strength and conditioning, the Power Maxx Gym Weight Sled is designed to meet your needs. Its adjustable weight capacity makes it suitable for users at any fitness level. 

Take your training to the next level with the Power Maxx Gym Weight Sled. Invest in a tool that offers durability, versatility, and effectiveness, all in one compact design. 

Product Specifications


22 kg


Black – matt, powder-coated


100x59x96 cm

Weight Load Capacity

Multiple weight plates


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