Boydys Ironmaster IM2000 Chin Up Creation

Boydy has always had one of the best home gyms in Australia. Not only has he got a great range of gym equipment, it is all the little details that make it great. If I had to list them this page would be longer than War and Peace!

Boydy has already done some modifications to his truly unique Ironmaster IM2000, so when he wanted a chin up option for his smith machine and had a few space constraints, he decided to use his gym equipment genius. It is a great idea that has been made look as though it came from the factory. I will let Boydy talk you through it…..

Thought I would show you a quick mod I made to my IM2000 as I just don’t have enough roof clearance to fit and use the Ironmaster Ultimate Chin up attachment without hitting the roof at the top of the movement and I only needed a neutral grip chin up and a shoulder width straight chin bar. So I got to thinking how I could have both of these on my IM2000 at a lower usable level for my roof height without making any major changes to the machine itself and I came up with this idea of modifying a couple of heavy duty cable attachments and only cutting two grooves into the top front of the pulley support on my IM2000.

I had some 10mm thick pieces of steel that I had hand cut.

The pieces were tidied up so they fit perfectly into bend of the cable attachment.

Then they were welded into place.

Then a lick of paint to make it pretty.

It all fit very neatly down into the two grooves I cut on my IM2000 preventing the bar swinging backward or forward while the lower middle section of the metal is fitting neatly down inside the top pulley support on my IM2000 also preventing any side to side movement of the bar.

By doing it this way I can very quickly attach or remove these two bars at any time by just slotting them in or out while I can still also use both as normal cable attachments when needed.

I have to say it works very well for a simple idea and with the attachment bars angled down to this height it not only gives me plenty of roof clearance but also gives me complete chest clearance from the top pulley support no matter how high I go in the chin up movement.

Just wanted to give Boydy a big thanks for sending this through and I hope it gives some of you some inspiration. But if you aren’t as handy as Boydy or just looks a bit too much like hard work. just use the simple but effective Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment for the Super Bench.

If you have done any cool mods to your gym equipment, send them through and I will share them.