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This is where we keep you updated on whats been happening at Sam's Fitness. We are not Australia's biggest supplier of gym equipment - you have to sell cheap rubbish to achieve that. Sam's Fitness specialise in quality gym equipment for home gyms, personal trainers, sporting clubs and gyms that are after quality weight training equipment at an affordable price.

ATX Power Racks and Rigs
We have started adding the ATX line of Power Racks and Cages to our range. They are relatively unknown in Australia, but a rapidly growing brand in Europe. So I thought I would give you a bit of background on how they came about. Certain American brands have grown in popularity with the explosion..
Cheap Megatec Multiplex Shipping Rates
The Megatec Multiplex Gym has been a massive hit, especially in Sydney. People come into the shop and see that it is actually better than it looks. But the only drawback with this gym is that it comes in a crate, so for people that require delivery to a residential address, there is either a ta..
Powertec Power Rack Spotter Bars by Ironmaster
The Powertec Power Rack does not currently have a spotter bar option like the Barbarian Power Cage Spotter Bars. We have had many Powertec customers inquire about such a solution, but after some playing around we came up with an alternative.We have managed to fit the Ironmaster IM2000 Spotter A..
Gym Equipment has More Bacteria than a TOILET SEAT!
If this doesn't convince you to set up a home gym, then nothing will! A recent study by Fit Rated revealed some pretty interesting findings...Gym equipment like free weights - dumbbells and barbells - has up to 362 time more bacteria than a toilet seat! Which to me, is really no surprise, when you s..
Our gym equipment warehouse and showroom is located in Banksmeadow, Sydney (10 mins from the airport at Mascot). Understandably we get a lot of inquiries from interstate customers wanting to check out our gym equipment before they purchase.I would love to have a showroom in more capital cities. I ha..
Power Maxx Premium or Elite Bumper Plates
Premium bumper plates are a dime a dozen these days. There are some fitness equipment retailers that sell some pretty crappy gym equipment who offer "premium" or "elite" bumper plates. They often have flash brand names printed all over them backed up with some pretty wild claims. But how do you know..
Rubber Hex Dumbbell Stands
We have rubber hex dumbbell stands available to sort out your dumbell collection. A vertical rubber hex dumbbell stand is the perfect way to organise your dumbbells without eating into valuable gym footprint.But if you have a custom set of dumbbells, and you are not certain they will fit on a partic..
Powertec vs Megatec Review
Powertec or Megatec - which way should you go? What is better Megatec or Powertec? This is the question on everyone's lips! Now let me give you a bit of background on why we have these two very similar lines of gym equipment on our website.  Megatec is the result of a falling out betw..
The new Powertec Lat Machine P-LM13 is back in the Powertec line up after a short hiatus. The previous P-LM and P-LM10 were both solid pieces of gym equipment - they could handle well over 130+ kilos and still run super smooth. However the main criticism with the machine was that the range of mot..
Busting the Powertec Bench Wobble Myth
Over the years I have read several times on forums about the wobble associated with the Powertec benches. We even started to get customers coming and raising the issue when checking the bench out. So I have decided to do a video that addresses the issue and shows you how to "tune" your Powertec gym..
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