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This is where we keep you updated on whats been happening at Sam's Fitness. We are not Australia's biggest supplier of gym equipment - you have to sell cheap rubbish to achieve that. Sam's Fitness specialise in quality gym equipment for home gyms, personal trainers, sporting clubs and gyms that are after quality weight training equipment at an affordable price.

Well I guess I should be flattered that both ForceUSA and Bodyworx have decided to copy the Powertec Multi System and Powertec LeverGym. Australia is such a such a small market for gym equipment in comparison to the world. So it just goes to show how popular the Powertec gyms have been in Austral..
During the finals of the Australian Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix Tony dropped a bombshell that Ronnie Coleman will be coming out for one last tour in Australia this year!Ronnie will also be having one last crack at the Olympia so he will be in top condition for the guest posing at various shows ar..
Have you ever wondered what life is like for a Mr Olympia? Jay to Z gives a lazy 6 hour insight into the life of the best bodybuilder in the world. Even though this DVD took me days to watch, it was really good to see what Jay Cutler does day in day out. His main activity is eating. If he does't ..
Well it was another cracker year at the Aussie Pro Grand Prix. It was a top quality line up and Tony Doherty always makes it entertaining. The highlights of the show were: The pro bodybuilding debut of Ivan Sadek - he has not competed for 5 years and jumps on stage at his first pro show a..
This video demonstrates how you can increase your dumbbell presses with the Ironmaster Dumbbell Spotting Stands. You will be surprised at how much energy you save by not having to heave them into place.   ..
I am on a high protein low carb eating plan at the moment which means chicken, steak and tuna every day. You really need to change things up every now and then because there is nothing worse than struggling through your meals.My wife cooks me this as a treat and I must say it is my favourite way ..
Here is the poster for the Australian IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. Check it out and see just some of the star studded line up. Firstly, the star of the poster Toney Freeman will be worth the price of admission alone. Just like Dexter Jackson won the Aussie Grand Prix last year and went ..
Here is a great video which gives detail about the history of Ironmaster. By buying Ironmaster you are getting a product that has had years of development and testing. There is a lot of cheap copies and products that are just plain poorly designed on the market. A lot of these b..
Check out these new Fat (or do they spell it PHAT these days) Handles for the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells.If you have ever suffered from tendonitis or want to work on your grip then these Fat Handles will be a great addition to the Ironmaster Quick Lock Dumbbells. I don't have pricing yet..
Sydney Bodybuilding fans and weight trainers, here is your chance to see Toney "The X Man" Freeman. You have all heard me dribbling on about this bloke, so if you ca't get down to the Melbourne Pro Show come along to the IFBB Australiasian 2009 at Sharkies Leagues Club to see this m..
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