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This is where we keep you updated on whats been happening at Sam's Fitness. We are not Australia's biggest supplier of gym equipment - you have to sell cheap rubbish to achieve that. Sam's Fitness specialise in quality gym equipment for home gyms, personal trainers, sporting clubs and gyms that are after quality weight training equipment at an affordable price.

This is the recipe that was featured in our November newsletter. I forgot to add in the newsletter that I am not a huge turkey fan. So when Brad sent this recipe through I asked what you could use as an alternative. Brad gave lean beef mince the thumbs up. Turkey Chilli 500g of lean turkey m..
We have had a lot of interest in the results that Lance achieved on the Matrix Powertec Training Program. So here a couple of shots of Lance to demonstrate the results that he achieved in less than 4 months training on the Powertec Multi System If you are new to weight training and bodybuildi..
On Saturday 11th October Lance Jensen took out WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation) Heavyweight Me's Asia Pacific Title. This is a remarkable achievement given that Lance last competed in 2004. What was the secret to Lance's comeback?Lance's secret to success was The Matrix Po..
Lee Priest has returned to live in Australia after living in the US. We heard on the grapevine that Lee was having a few dramas training in his gym - the same problems we have all experienced over the years. But unlike us mere mortals, it is critical that Lee trains hard because it his living. Th..
I am proud to announce the launch of the new Online Weight Training Advice Page with Brad Turnbull. I think this sets us apart from our competitors. Everyone will tell you that their weight training equipment is the best but often they have never really trained on it. We not only train on the equ..
Just a reminder that Lee Priest's bodybuilding seminar is at the Como Theatre tomorrow. See brochure below for details. If you are new to bodybuilding and are not sure if you would like it or not just take a punt. I guarantee you will like it. Lee is a down to earth bloke and will not mind an..
What the hell is happening to petrol prices? How high are they going to go? Is the world going to end?While I do't think it is time to get out the leathers and turn the Toyota Camry into your own Mad Max machine and go out and take out a petrol tanker. You do need to start looking at ways of ..
Well this is the third time we have moved in 3 years and hopefully it will be the last for a while. Moving a warehouse of gym equipment is bloody hard work!Our new warehouse is at 1 McPherson St, Banksmeadow NSW 2019. Banksmeadow is the next suburb on from Botany. It is only 5 mins from the airpo..
With the price of nearly everything going up these days I am pleased to announce that we have been able to reduce the shipping rates on a lot of our pieces of fitness equipment. Some smaller items have gone up unfortunately but the majority of gym equipment has been reduced or maintained.As you c..
This diet is designed for people who are looking at getting the correct nutrition while weight training. Muscles growth is the body's response to the overloading of muscles through weight training. The muscle growth process requires certain essential nutrients - the Basic Weight Training Diet ensure..
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