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The Powertec Multi System takes multi gyms to a whole new level. This is a serious gym for serious weight training and Brad goes through techniques and variations on how to get the most out of this great value piece of gym equipment. Unlike other multi gyms, the Powertec Multi System is not a limited to weight stack. You can bench press and squat up to 500lbs. So this makes one mean home gym.

This is the 3rd exercise Lee performs in his home gym chest workout. Here he goes back to the Powertec Multi System and does a flat leverage bench press. You will notice that Lee does not have the bench perfectly flat. Due to the position of the leverage point when the bench is perfectly..
Here is Dr Ron's Power Matrix 3rd Principle demonstrated on the Powertec Multi System leverage bench press. The beauty of this type of training is that you get an intense muscular workout but without over loading the joints. You only can lift a fraction of the weight you could ..
See Lee Priest blast his chest on the Powertec Multi System doing incline bench press.The best lesson you can learn from this video is how Lee performs this exercise with perfect form. He has handling massive weight but doing full and controlled reps. If you ca't control the weight then you a..
We have been meaning to expand on our Powertec and Ironmaster gym equipment videos for a while now. The old videos have been and still are great, and have a following worldwide now. So when we decided to update them we thought we would do something special for our loyal customers.  ..
Here is just a teaser of the Matrix system Dr Ron Laura is working on for the Powertec Multi System. I will have to give this a go myself. BEWARE you do not need a lot of weight. Do not underestimate the power of the Matrix! As you can see the Powertec Multi System is perfect for Matrix styl..
Here is another great back exercise for the Powertec Multi System. If your back is still recovering from a heavy squatting session, this a great way to hit the back muscles when your lower back is still a bit tender.This video was shot on the Powertec LeverGym, however the movement on the Powerte..
Here is another advanced back exercise that you can add periodically to your back workout on the Powertec Multi System. As with all advanced techniques, if you are just starting out at weight training please refer to the videos on the basic exercises like the lat pulldown, rows etc..
A lot of people ask if the Powertec Multi System has a pec dec - well this video will show you why you do't need one! I will always remember what Brad said when I asked him about flys and pec decs. He said "you do't need to worry about that s#@t unless you have a chest..
Here is a great way to up the intensity in your lat workout on the Powertec Multi System. You do't have to do it every workout, just when you are feeling strong and want to take it to the next level. One of the things that put people off training in a home gym is that they wo&#..
The Leverage Lat Pulldown on the Powertec Multi System is one of the best movements for isolating the lats. Here are some advanced techniques that will progress your lat development. This video demonstrates how the Powertec Multi System can be used for advanced physique training. Y..
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