Scott’s Powertec Home Gym Australia

Here is picture of Scott’s Powertec home gym in Australia. He has got a unique collection of Powertec gym equipment, but the combination works together nicely. There is no muscle group that Scott can’t hit with multiple exercises in his home gym


Truly Unique Powertec Home Gym

Scotts Home Gym


Scott started out with the Powertec Leverage Gym. He then added the Powertec Leverage Squat/Calf, Leverage Chin/Dip Assist and Leverage Maxi Crunch.

Squat Variety

You are probably thinking why add the Leverage Squat/Calf when you can already do squats on the Powertec Leverage Gym. Although both movements are squatting actions, the two machines offer a distinct feel. The squat/calf allows you to go heavy – up to 500lbs – and the footplate allows you to vary different feet positioning.

Plus the standing calf raise exercise is worth the price of the machine alone.

l-sc13 powertec leverage squat

The squat on the Leverage Gym is different again. I find that although you can only go up to 300lbs, this exercise really isolates the quads so you don’t need go stupid with the weight.

Whenever I have a tender back I always use this machine for squats. While the addition of the Leverage Squat provides another quality leg exercise, the Leverage Chin Dip assist offers two excellent exercises for the upper body.

Scott’s Powertec Home Gym Review

Here is what Scotty had to say –

Hi Sam / Matt, Am really happy with the powertec equipment. Everyone that visits loves it. These delivery hiccups happen from time to time. Had my first workout with the new gear this morning. Very Nice. ? Am feelin sore but good. ? Am a way off of any competition level but am enjoying using the powertec equipment. Thanks guys Scotty

You can really tell by how neat and tidy Scott’s home gym is, that it is his pride and joy.