Bodybuilding Training – More Than Oil & Steroids

Now that I have reached the ripe old age of 33 and recently left behind my childhood years I am keen to have a serious go at bodybuilding training. I have trained with weights for ages, but never really had a go at building muscle mass. My weight training was mainly just targeted at keeping fit and healthy to keep my weight down.

Plus getting up in front of a room full of people in sluggos might come naturally to people like Matt “Trunks” Grimshaw. But I am far from a showman. Another reason that might put a lot of people off is the belief that you need to take steroids. Which is not the case as there are many natural bodybuilding federations.

Training for Muscle Mass

It has only been the last year that I have got some consistency back into my weight training and diet. After years of dedicating my life to building the business.  I am starting to feel a lot better for it. So it is time to really start upping the intensity and adding some solid muscle.

I am realistic that I may be leaving my run a little bit late. But I am not going to use that as an excuse for giving up. The good thing about bodybuilding is that there are different categories to suit your level of expertise, body type and age.

bodybuilders showing their physiques
Ronnie Coleman and Lee Priest – Bodybuilding Training Legends

Bodybuilding Training Experts

With expert guidance from Brad Turnbull and sporting legend Matt “Trunks” Grimshaw, I know I won’t be a complete dud. With our new bub and the demands of the business, I haven’t been able to go full tilt as yet. But even just eating better more consistently and weight training regularly I’ve been able to add a bit of muscle.

Now that baby Jake is a bit older and the weather is getting better my wife and I plan on doing a lot more walking. The lack of any cardio activity over the winter has been holding me back. When I really started eating more calories I just put on more weight. Now I can do a bit of cardio I plan to increase my calories to put on some leaner muscle.

In most cases whenever you put on size a bit of fat always comes with it but I really noticed that not doing any cardio it really got out of hand. Unless you are super strict with your diet, cardio needs be part of your bodybuilding training. You don’t need to run marathons, just get in some extra movement. It is also beneficial for your mental well being.

Taking my Bodybuilding Training to the Next Level

I am going to start the “serious” bodybuilding training in a week or two. I will try and go for 8-10 weeks depending on how the body holds up. After 8 weeks I usually need a break but I am hoping that the better diet, supplements and more rest will give me an extra couple of weeks. But ultimately I will listen to the body because I just end up going backwards otherwise.

As for competing I have not set a deadline. I am not the sort of person that makes excuses. However, running a business like this and with a wife and baby I have other commitments that are more important than my own personal interests. Having said that I am determined to give it a go. Once I get my mind set on something I get great satisfaction out of achieving my goal.

Plus now that I am an old fart I have lost my desire to go out on the drink so a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle is more my tempo now. So when I think I am ready I will get up on stage.

Bodybuilding Is More Than Posing

I will keep you posted on my progress. I am hoping it might inspire some more people out there to give it a go. Bodybuilding is definitely a different sport and like a lot of blokes I thought that it was a bit weird looking at other blokes in togs. But once you get past that aspect and get to know people in the sport you realize it is just like any other competitive sport. The beauty of it is that you can start getting more specific in your weight training goals and it will give you something to work towards. It is easy to lose interest in your weight training if you are just bashing it out week to week with no target or deadlines. But bodybuilding training gives you a definite goal.

Update – The bodybuilding career never took off. We ended up having twins before our son Jake turned two. Plus we moved to a bigger warehouse. I do not like making excuses, but that is a pretty good one!