Dohertys Gym Review

Just thought I would do a quick review of Doherty’s Gym – had an awesome workout there while we were down at the IFBB Aussie Pro Bodybuilding Grand Prix. If I lived near Doherty’s Gym I would never have started Sam’s Fitness. Why would you train at home when you can train in a hardcore gym/shrine to bodybuilding 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the “Lifestyle Gym” slowly overtaking the gym industry, it is great to see a fair dinkum weight training orientated gym not only surviving but thriving. Tony Doherty has created the ultimate gym for the weight training enthusiast, whether they be bodybuilders, powerlifters or just your average weight training nut. If you are not from Melbourne you must include a workout on your next trip to Melbourne. Not only is Doherty’s Gym a great place to train it also has one of the best displays of bodybuilding memorabilia in the country. There were pieces of gym equipment I had never trained on before and I was like a kid in a lolly shop. There were several different machines for each bodypart and all were hardcore.

We trained on Friday afternoon and the gym was busy but not crowded. As I said there were plenty of machines for each bodypart so you were not being held up waiting for gym equipment. There were also some familiar faces from the pages of Hardcore Aussie Muscle so if you needed a bit of help or a few handy hints I am sure these blokes and girls would only be too happy to help. So make sure you get along and support Dohertys Gym. These types of gyms are a dying breed and it is great to train in a gym that is serious about weight training.