Matrix Training Program on Powertec Multi System

We have had a lot of interest in the results that Lance achieved on the Matrix Training Program. The program was developed by Dr Ron Laura specifically for the Powertec Multi System. So here a couple of shots of Lance to demonstrate the results that he achieved in less than 4 months training on the Powertec Multi System

If you are new to weight training and bodybuilding you probably are thinking that Lance already looks in good nick before the Matrix Training Program. So it is going to be easier for him to get results.

Experienced trainers, especially those that train without performance enhancing drugs like Lance, find dramatic gains harder to come by. It is even harder the older you get and at 37. Lance won’t mind me saying that he is no spring chicken.

So the results that Lance has achieved on the Powertec Multi System are outstanding. It is even more amazing that it was all performed on “just a multi gym“. So if you thought that training in a home gym will limit your weight training progress check out the photos of Lance below. You don’t need fancy gym equipment to get results. All you need is good quality equipment and the right weight training advice.

Powertec Matrix ProgramPowertec Matrix Program
The other massive advantage of the Matrix Training Program when performed on the Powertec Multi System is that it doesn’t require the use of heavy weights. Lance showed me some of the weight lifted and they were tiny. You could be forgiven to think the program is a piece of cake. The opposite is true. It is a real torture test.

Powertec Matrix ProgramPowertec Matrix Program
As you are not using massive weight in the Matrix Program, you are not subjecting your joints to heavy loads. This speeds up your recovery time. For a natural athlete this is really important. You will be able to train more frequently with greater intensity.