Tricep Rope Guide

The humble Tricep Rope is a staple in gyms. From a commercial facility or a humble home gym. They are relatively inexpensive and great for training triceps. This tricep rope guide will help you choose the right rope for your training.

Tricep ropes were a mainstay in our gym packages. If there was gym equipment with a cable pulley system we would include a rope. It was easily in the top five of the must have cable attachments.

It was pretty simple as we only stocked one style of tricep rope. Now we have five. Many different cable attachments that can serve the same purpose.

Choice can cause confusion. Especially for beginners in weight training. What rope is best for them? We will discuss the types of ropes and their uses.

Types of Tricep Ropes

Basic Tricep Rope

The basic tricep rope is the one which people would be most familiar with. They vary in length. Our basic tricep rope is 60cm. Which would be an average length.

It is manufactured from durable black nylon. The attachment point can revolve around the rope. This is easier on your wrists.

The black knobs prevent your hands from slipping off. Plus they give you additional gripping options.

If in doubt, get this one. They are dirt cheap considering the number of exercises you can do. Plus they are extremely durable, even in gym environments.

Tricep Rope

Natural Tricep Rope

The basic tricep rope made with nylon does not feel like “traditional rope”. It can be a bit harder on the hands. However, for those who train rigorously, it’s crucial that your hands get tougher. Gradually, they should become accustomed to more abrasive surfaces, such as barbell knurling.

If you prefer the feel of traditional rope, ATX have the solution for you. The natural tricep rope is made from synthetic hemp fibres. You get the best of both worlds.

It feels just like natural rope. The synthetic hemp fibers offer durability that is comparable to that of traditional nylon tricep ropes. It will “wear in” too – the more you use it the better it feels.

G-2044 ATX Natural Tricep Rope

Long Tricep Rope

For those of you that like a bit of extra length, the ATX G-2051 long natural tricep rope is the rope for you. It is made from synthetic hemp, giving you that natural rope feel.

The extra length allows you greater range of motion on exercises like rows and pulldowns. The downside is that you can’t always use the knobs to assist your grip.

Some actually like this as it makes you focus on grip. Next time you use your rope, try to avoid gripping anywhere near the knob. It is quite a grip workout!

The downside with the ATX long natural rope is that it is expensive. No problems. We have sourced a more affordable long nylon tricep rope.

ATX G-2051 Long Natural Tricep Rope

Single Tricep Rope

A single tricep rope is used for single arm exercises. You can actually do single arm exercises with normal tricep ropes. The downside is the rope is long when performing the exercise. In a compact gym you might not have space.

Alternatively you can use two single tricep ropes together as a normal tricep rope.

Single Tricep Rope

Tricep Rope Exercises

We are very lucky to have an old school bodybuilder like Lee Priest. He can show the exercises that can be done with a tricep rope. You will be blown away at what muscles can be trained.

Tricep Rope Exercises – Pushdowns, Overhead Extensions, Face Pulls, Back Rows, Weight Ab Crunch, Lat Pulldowns, Upright Rows, Hammer Curls, Seated Rows, Poor Man’s Preacher Curls and One Arm Flys

Which Tricep Rope Is Best For Me?

If you are on a budget, or in any form of doubt, just get the stock standard nylon rope. For the cost, amount of exercises offered and durability, it really is a no brainer. If money is not an issue get the natural rope. It is made in Germany and better quality.

Tricep Rope Length Guide

The short answer is that it depends on what you want to do with it. Are you planning to do rope pulldowns or rows? Get a long rope.

Still unsure? Get the basic nylon rope. See if that is good enough. If you feel that you are lacking in length, you can then get the longer tricep rope. Yes you will end up with two tricep ropes. But they are quite different. It will also allow you to set up some supersets.