Home Gym Ideas for Your Shed

Big thanks to Alan for providing some great home gym ideas for your shed. If you are a true blue Aussie male you will drool at this arrangement. Alan has a sweet home gym in his 6 x 6 shed.

Damn I am jealous! My life long ambition is to have a shed home gym like this. The world might be getting crazier by the day but if you have a shed you can leave your troubles at the door.

Well that’s enough of my shed fantasy……

Alan’s Home Gym

More importantly you will note in Alans testimonial below is that he has had this gym equipment for two and half years now. Not only is the equipment in top nick, Alan is loving training on it. You can’t ask much more than that.

“Gday Sam and Matt, How are you both ? Well I hope.

I recently moved house and put up a new shed/garage for the home gym to go in so i thought I’d send you guys some pics. I have it set up in one side of a 6m x 6m Titan double garage and it all fits in well with plenty of space to move around, plus I can still fit my four by four. As well as all of my camping and fishing gear in the other side.

Training Safely

I’ve had most of the gym equipment for close to two and a half years now and I love working out on it. I like the fact that i can workout at home alone. Plus I don’t a spotter and go to failure and not have to worry about getting pinned under a bar if i cant get the last rep out on a heavy set.

Anyway hope all is going well for you, you guys have been great to deal with over the years. Plus I would recommend you to anyone who is looking into purchasing “quality” home gym equipment. You can expect to hear from me around January as I’ll be after a powertec leg sled and some other bits and pieces.

Cheers, Alan from Qld”

Powertec and Ironmaster Home Gym

What is most appealing about Alan’s shed home gym is how well organised it is. The combination of the equipment and it’s layout makes you want to get in there and have a workout!

Definitely some great ideas for how to set up your home gym.