Peters Barbarian Power Cage Gym

I started talking to Peter way back in August 2015 after one of his friends had purchased some gear from us. Like alot of people these days, Peter doesn’t work your average hours and was finding it hard to get to the gym.

Peter’s friend had purchased the Powertec Power Rack System package along with a few other attachments. Although he loved the setup, Peter was really looking at cranking it up a notch so he decided to go to the next level. This is when he asked about the Barbarian Commercial Power Cage.

barbarian commercial power cage

He quickly noticed the difference in this full commercial power cage when he started going through the stats. 3mm thick 75mm steel tubing and the multi grip chin up bar really caught his eye. Along with the benefit of being able to support a lat pulldown option was a real plus. Peter also decided to follow the trend and go with the Barbarian Commercial FID Bench as it had the capabilities to use attachments. You don’t see many commercial quality fid style benches with this sort of capabilities.

Peter decided to add the leg lift, pec fly and curl attachment for the bench. He loves the rack and I can certainly understand where he is coming from. I have recently changed my training to using just free weights and the Power Cage is now my new best friend. 

To put the finishing touches on his home gym he purchased a handful of cable attachments and 275kg of the Power Maxx Olympic plates. As you can see from the photo he has also improvised and placed his Olympic rings in there as well. Along with the dumbbells, Peter won’t be wanting for much in the near future. This is a home gym setup that would be the envy of many.