Stuarts Powertec Garage Gym

Big thanks to Stuart for sending in some pics of his home gym. Stuart has definitely got the best of both worlds here. A killer home gym PLUS he can still park his car in the garage. Well done mate!

stuarts powertec gym

For most of us, a lifting cage with a lat pulldown option plus a Powertec 45 degree leg press would be more than enough for a home gym. I mean it is well documented that you can do quality weight training in a power rack alone, but the lat option and leg press just gives you that added variety to boost your motivation levels.

But at the back of his garage Stuart has some extra toys lurking……..

stuarts ironmaster gym

The Powertec Leverage Bench Press is the stand out visually. For those of you not familiar with these machines, their name is deceptive. Yes they are great for all types of pressing, but in my opinion they are even better for all your rowing movements. Combined with Stuart’s leg press, the multi press adds so many more options.

The reason I used the Ironmaster logo on the picture above was to highlight the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells. Given their size and unassuming appearance, it would be easy to overlook the importance of them in the whole gym. However the amount of variety they offer makes them a big player. Plus it also demonstrates what a great option they are for home gyms that have larger footprints. If Stuart had of opted for a dumbbell rack set, he would not have had the space or budget for other pieces of gym equipment.

Another tip from Stu that is worth noting is by going with the Ironmaster Super Bench and adding the Powertec Multi Press, he can pick and choose the different attachments from each range. In this case, Stuart has gone with the leverage preacher curl option from Powertec. But the leg lift attachment is from Ironmaster. A nice touch!

Here is what Stuart had to say…

It’s half my double garage. To get extra floor room i simply remove the car so it works well and gives me room to walk around with the spud inc farmers handles. The only thing i have to do to make it all fit is lift one of the work bench arms against the wall when parking my car. It’s works well and the equipment is great to use.

So well done Stu, your gym is a stand out mate!