Anj D.

The first place I look for high quality gym equipment. It is very rare in todays world that you find an online retailer as personable, friendly and customer oriented. It is also rare to find a retailer that *only* carries high quality equipment, as opposed to wanting a high turn around of low-cost poorly built junk. At SamsFitness, the upshot is not only is the equipment solid, the prices are very competative. Every order from SamsFitness has been close to perfect. Quick delivery, spot on advice, and extremely quick replies to email. But most importantly, every bit of equipment has been stupendously good. Even things that you dont expect to be high quality, such as bench attachments, have been extraordinarily solid and functional – infact as good or better than stand alone equipment in the gym. I have got a few more bits to get to complete my home gym, and Sams will be where I go. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others.