ATX® Single Cable Station – Wall Mounted


There are not many machines that can do as many exercises as this thing can do, taking up this little space (40cm x 40cm) . The downside is that you have to bolt it to your wall. If you have columns in your gym, the ATX Single Cable Station really is a must have.


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ATX® is the market leader when it comes to saving space in your gym. The Single Cable Station gives a high and low pulley plus weight stack in a tiny footprint – unbelievable! The movement is super smooth and the small weight increments make it ideal for isolation or rehab work. So this will be an excellent addition to any PT studio, physio or home gym. 

ATX® Single Cable Station – Wall Mounted Key Features

Height Adjustment Positions

18 height positions ranging between 30cm and 195cm.


50kg weight stack in 2.5kg increments. 2:1 ratio allows for very gradual increases. 

Bearing driven pulley and high-quality steel cables will keep it running smooth for years to come. 

Designed for wall mounting only. This will save you loads of space.

40cm x 40cm footprint.

ATX® Single Cable Station – Wall Mounted (ATX-FTX-2000), 2 x Nylon Stirrup Handles

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit. Mounting Bolts are NOT included, the type you will need will depend on the surface you are planning on mounting it on.

Sam's Review

The ATX Single Cable Station is one of my favourite machines. I have been using it for over 5 years and still loving it. 


Normally I like to take a deep dive into the build quality of the machines I review. That is what we get a lot of questions about. However, on this machine, there is not much to go through as it is very basic.  

There is just a base. Guide rails for the weight stack. A chrome upright for the adjustable pulleys.  

There are 2 pulleys – one for low pulley work and the other for high pulley work. They swivel on bushes. You adjust the height with the commercial pull pin. There are 18 height adjustment positions.  

From there the cables run through pulleys to the weight stack.  

The weight stack is 50kg. It has 20 x 2.5kg weights, with a 2:1 ratio.  

It has covers to make it look good and prevent people from pinching appendages on the weight stack. 

The whole unit is then bolted to the wall with brackets at the top and bottom. It comes standard with two nylon stirrup handles.  

One Arm shoulder cable rotations


Now I have probably lost a lot you beasts at the 50kg weight stack part. For those of you who don’t understand the 2:1 ratio I will probably lose some more. With a 2:1 ratio you will effectively only be lifting 25kgs. So, I can hear you all saying that is nowhere near enough weight. 

Well the actual machine we have in our gym is very old. At least 6 years old and these models only had 40kg weight stack. Even with this weight stack I never find myself wanting more weight. Linas here has held Australian bench press records and he has not been wanting more weight. 

Yes there are ways I could lift this stack. But not with the many exercises that I do on this machine. This machine is all about doing your isolation and accessory work. You break the records with a barbell. Not with this machine.  

For all you specimens out there we are lucky to have Lee Priest to show just a fraction of the exercises you can do on this machine. Most importantly he shows you how to do them properly.  

You will notice that Lee always performs the movements with textbook form – controlled movements in the correct position to isolate the target muscle. If you follow this simple advice you won’t need a lot of weight. You will work the target muscle without stressing your joints – this is the purpose of this machine.  

Without prompting, Lee started doing two handed movements. This machine is not designed for two handed movements. But you can do them. I do them regularly myself. Naturally it is not quite as good as a dedicated two handed machine, but given the footprint it is pretty bloody good.  

However mostly I do the exercises with one cable. I like doing isolation work one arm at a time. Working between each arm without rest, trying to keep my heart rate up so I can burn some calories. It is the best way to finish off a workout.  


My trusty guide of valuing gym equipment revolves around 3 simple metrics – functionality, space & money.  

The FTX-2000 ranks off the chart for functionality and space – as mentioned at the start, this thing does so much for such little space. We currently sell this machine for $1,700 so it is not cheap.  

To put it simply, if $1,700 is not a lot of money for you and you have the space, then this is a no brainer. Especially if you are an old fart like me. Once you play around with this machine and figure out all the exercises you can do with it, you won’t be able to live without it.  

The worse thing about getting old is that you want to train hard and often. But sadly your body doesn’t want to. For a nut job like me that is not going to work. I need to train nearly every day or I start going crazy.  

This machine is perfect for that fix. I can come out and do some slow and controlled isolation work on all muscle groups. You can get a pump, clear the head and your body is not going to be aching the next day.  

Plus if you have got kids and they are starting to train with you then this is perfect. So many exercises, easy to set up and change for different heights.  

Even for the younger and more serious trainers. You need to do accessory work and you need to do it with proper form. Small muscles do not need a lot of weight – I just want to make it clear that this machine is not just for pensioners. As I said before Linas has used this in training for national and international competitions.  

For gyms and studios, if you have got a column in your gym and you can bolt one into it, then this is a no brainer. Or if you don’t think you had room for a cable crossover you can bolt two of these to the wall –

Credit to: cjsessionz


The actual machine is not too hard to build. The hard part is mounting it to the wall. It is hard if you have no experience doing that. If you have experience it is not too bad.  

Whenever you drill anything into a wall, spend more time measuring than drilling. You can never measure enough ways if you are inexperienced.  

Product Specifications

Weight 330 kg






Weight Load Capacity



EN 20957 I.II.IV – S


5 years see T&Cs


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