ATX® Lever Arm Multi Press


FID Lever Arm Multi Bench Press from ATX® is your ultimate pressing machine. It allows you to train your chest, shoulders, triceps and even your back without having to worry about dropping the bar on yourself.


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The ATX® Lever Arm Multi Press is yet another prime example of German ingenuity. It is a compact machine with many exercise possibilities. And most importantly built tough.

  1. Lever arms operate iso-laterally. Great for isolating the pecs, shoulders, triceps as well as ensuring equal output per arm.
  2. Heavy Duty – Each lever arm can handle 125kg (press up to 250kg!). The bench is rated for 400kg. 
  3. Lever arms have a total of 11 adjustment positions spaced 50mm apart.
  4. Bench backrest has 15 adjustment positions – from decline through to upright. Bench seat has 3 angles for incline.
  5. Bench Roller Adjustment System (RAS) makes changing between bench positions simple. Just slide the seat back and forth – the angle of the backrest adjusts automatically.
  6. The bench also accepts the optional ATX® Attachments.

Not just a Bench Press

The ATX® Leverage Multi Press will take your chest and shoulder, triceps and even back workouts to the next level. The leverage movement will isolate your pecs and delts in a completely different fashion to both dumbbells and barbells. Since you don’t need to stabilise, you can really focus on fatiguing the target muscle.

If you train alone, this is a much better option than a barbell bench press as you can push to failure without having to worry about getting trapped under the bar. The start-stop mechanism is the ultimate form of safety, and with 11 positions spaced 50mm apart, you can always find the position that best suits you.

The best bonus is that you can drop the lever arms to the lowest position and do barbell rows, one-arm rows and shrugs. If that is not enough variety, you can add any of the optional attachments which will turn your leverage bench press into a complete home gym!

What’s Included? ATX® Lever Arm Multi Press (ATX-LMP-650), 2 x Olympic Adaptors (BB-OA-250-PVC)

Please note the pictures may feature optional attachments or items which are not included with the unit, this is to show the possible configurations/use of the unit.

Product Specifications

Weight 91 kg




Number of Adjustments


Bench Height


Backrest Pad Dimensions

Length- 80cm, Width: Bottom – 31cm, Top – 24cm

Weight Load Capacity

Bench – 400 kg, Lever Arms – 250kg (pair)





Adjustment Positions

-15° – 82.5°

Bench Total Length

+140 cm




2 x Olympic sleeves




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