Ironmaster Dumbbell Workout Lower Body No.1

Here is the next in the series of Funk Roberts Ironmaster Dumbbell workouts. This is a lower body workout that will change your opinion of training legs with dumbbells.

I remember when I first got my Ironmaster gym equipment all those years ago. I was a bit lost when training legs. After years of training in the gym I really only used dumbbells for lunges. Barbell Squats, leg press, leg extensions and lying leg curls were the mainstay of my workouts. So when it came time to train legs there was a bit of head scratching. The trick I have learned is to super set or even giant set leg exercises when using dumbbells. You can also play around with the structure of the workout so you are doing certain exercises when the muscles are fatigued. For example dumbbell squats are normally pretty easy but try doing them at the end of a succession of leg exercises. In this lower body workout you wo’t use much weight, but by the end your legs will be screaming. Plus with the minimal rest periods you will also get a great cardio vascular workout as well.

Dumbbell Squats